Level 7!!

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I had a meet yestarday and i think i did pretty good! It was my first and my only level 6 meet. On beam, i thought i was going to wobble on EVERYTHING and fall on EVERYTHING, but i stuck all my routines and hardly wobbled on beam at all!
My scores were:
vault: 8.65 (not too happy with that)
bars: 7.3 (very happy with that, my clear-hip is terrible!)
beam: 8.65 (yayyy!)
floor: 8.05 (okay.)
AA: 32.6

I just went to this meet for mobility, and i "passed" and so i guess i am a level 7 now!! I am really excited and can't wait for practice tomorrow to start working on my new skills for Prep 1/Level 7!
Feb 26, 2007
COngrats on making the mobility score. L6 is supposed to be a tough scoring level. Have fun training L7.


Great job... Welcome to Level 7, good for you...

My gymmie is supposed to be testing out of level 6 near the end of October. Hopefully she can do it in one try.. She needs to get 31.00 AA. I will take your scores so that she can move up... :):)
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