level 8 and 9 requirements

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Nov 29, 2008
Minn eee sooo ta! :)
So i'm going to compete USAG next year after being gone for 3 years. I don't know where or how i'm going to compete USAG, but i'm going to. I was a level 8 when i switched gyms, and i have lots of questions.
Can i start back at level 8 where i left off?

Then, for requirements. I haven't looked at a USAG book for more than 3 years, and i am wondering what i need to start at a 10.0 on each event for level 8 and 9 so i can start working on them.

Level 8 bars:

Bar change
Flight element (B) or 1/2 pirouette of some sort
4 B's
salto dismount
There's one more... i can't remember the specific requirement, but our girls usually fill it with a solid clear hip

series with at least one flight element
jump/dance series that contains a leap or jump of 180 degree split
full turn
4 B's

Double salto pass
180 degree leap in a dance/jump series
minimum of B turn (1.5 turn is a b)
Three different saltos? Is that a level eight rule, or nine? I'm getting the two confused this morning.

Level 9 uses the stuff from above and adds some stuff. Routines only start from a 9.7:

you need both a flight of a B AND either a flight worth a C and the pirouette skill
2 bar changes
B dismount

Both elements in series need to have flight
B dismount

Last tumbling pass needs to be a B (A full)

I'm kinda tired this morning, so I apologize if any of this stuff is a little off.
Gym-Nice did a very good job of listing most of the requirements. The one she wasn't clear on for bars is 2 circling elements. This can be met with giants or clear hips. Also must cast to close to vertical. Also on floor a front tumbling series is required(ex. my gymmie does a fhs/f lay)

Ex. of my gymmie's bar routine which does have a 10.0 SV:
jump to high bar, kip/cast, baile(shootover) to low bar, kip/cast, clear hip to hs then squat on or toe shoot(she changes these up), kip/straddle cast on high bar-2 giants and flyaway.

SV for vault vary. FHS is only a 9.0 at L8 and 8.6 at L9. Tucked tsuk or yerchenko is a 9.8 and doing those vaults in pike gets a 10 SV. Another popular vault is a fhs/full--SV is 9.4.

Keep in mind the COP will change for 2009.
There isn't a 2 circling element requirement in L8 or 9.

Additions to above list:
L8 bars:
element from groups 3, 6, or 7 (clear hip, stalder, toe-on)
1 bar change
the dismount must be a salto or hecht

L8 beam:
aerial or salto dismount, min. A

L8 floor:
The requirements are:
a double salto pass
3 different saltos in the routine
dance series with min. 2 elements, one a leap (180*)
min. of an A salto last pass
(a turn is NOT a special requirement; it is a composition deduction)

L9 bars:
clarification: a B flight element and EITHER a C pirouette or flight skill
the dismount must be a salto or hecht, min. B

L9 beam:
Min. 1/1 turn
Leap or jump with 180* split (composition deduction if not in combination)

L9 floor:
double salto pass
Last salto min. B
3 different saltos in routine
leap with min. 180* connected to another leap/jump
(again, not having a turn is a composition deduction)

http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/PDFs/Women/Junior Olympics/optreqchartappndx6.pdf

As gymlawmom said, the requirements will change a bit next year, but there weren't any HUGE changes that I can remember.

L9s start from a 9.7 SV on bars, beam, and floor, and you need connection bonus to earn the remaining .3.
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K. Thanks for all of your replies. It is pretty much what i remembered. I'm just trying to get my routines figured out for next year when i get to compete USAG again (YAY!). One more question though. In level 8 what is the limit for skills. Can i do a double full on floor, and a front full. On bars can i do a double tucked flyaway, and on beam can i do a layout stepout?
Level 8s are not allowed to do acro Cs next year, unless USAG comes up with specific exceptions, so no to all of the above skills.
Also on floor a front tumbling series is required(ex. my gymmie does a fhs/f lay).

I don't think so. Not in 8 anyway. No front acro would be compositional, but there's no SR for this. It's probably more common than not to have the two salto series contain a forward acro skill in L8 though. You could fulfill all the SRs with back tumbling.

Most of the changes are on the difficulty restrictions from what I've seen and not the SRs though.
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