Coaches Level 8 and 9

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I think this is just to broad of a question. lv8 4As and 2Bs. So there are alot of easy As and Bs. Level 9? depends on the start value. What event are you looking for?
What is easy for you may not be easy for someone else. Please ask your coach which skills will fit your abilities the best. They can tell you better than anyone on the internet.
Well I really would like level 9 skills for beam and floor because I plan in becoming a ies

beam lv 9- 3As, 4Bs, 1C-acro series:2flight- bhs+bhs,ro+bhs,fhs+bhs,could do ro+ro but hard to connect.
1leap/jump 180 split-could be anything.
360 turn
dismout B-front layout,twist, double tuck
floot lv 9 3As, 4Bs,1C-acro series with 2 saltos(same as lv8) 3different saltos(same as lv8) dance passage(same as lv 8) bsalto as last salto-front layout, full. Just remember that lv 9 starts at 9.7. so not adding a bonus can get you a lower score.
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