Level 8 Balance Beam Deductions

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I am trying to understand Level 8 balance beam deductions. If anyone could provide what deduction are for the following it might help me understand my daugthers 8.5 on beam with no falls.

She had about 4 wobbles/balance checks throughout routine but stayed on beam.

She dismounts with a RO / back tuck, and she does pause after the round-off before she back tuck dismounts

Her acro series is a - back-extension roll / back handspring-she connects it pretty good.

Her 180 degree side split is about 25 degrees short of 180

This her routine:
Mount: Scissors leap to cross sit
AcroSeries: Roll backward to handstand / Back handspring: Stag leap forward: Turn (360) on one leg: Back tuck: Tuck jump with 3/4 turn :Tuck jump: Split jump (180 degree separation: Round off : Dismount-Salto backward tucked

Any help with deductions would be appreciated :(
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Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Hard to say without seeing the routine. Do you know her start value? The 180 split requirement and the flight connection are biggies- if she did not get credit for those it would reflect in her start value.

Wobbles can be .05-.3- depending on how big

pause before dismount- probably .2

Does she have another leap/jump connected to the split jump? That is a composition deduction of .2 if she does not. It seems like she has enough A's and B's- if she got credit for them all.

Again, hard to tell without video.
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