level 8 bars

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We have a unique problem at my daughter's gym. We do not have enough ceiling clearance to train giants,:( so my level 8 daughter has to rely on her pirouette which she struggles with at times. (We are desperately searching for a new facility) Any ideas on how she can shine on bars without a giant?:confused:
How about a clear hip on high bar to salto dismount? If she can handle it, a clear hip to hs is very nice(if she has the room to practice it).
If she doesn't have clearance to do a giant, then I'm guessing pretty much any circling skill through HS is out. If I were the coach in that situation, I would probably only shelve giants as a last resort if the athlete was physically ready and we had basically any bars to train something on. First I would call around to any gym without a reasonable radius and try to set up a time we could visit once in awhile (say week before meet). Train giants on low bar (bent leg or on single rail just high enough to swing through but not high bar height) in preparation, so if we can arrange another facility visit she could try them on the real bar and then in a routine. Not ideal by a stretch, but possible if she has the physical ability.

If that is impossible, then low bar giants are allowed in competition without deduction (legs need to straighten when coming through vertical at the top). Again, if she has the physical ability, I would train low bar giant. Probably kip cast 1/2 turn, swing out to giant (or kip cast HS before, but I would prefer to leave out unnecessary skills), kip out of giant or step down to sole circle. High bar, uprise to clear hip, horizontal support, good stretch straight through to dismount (should be possible with good stretch and tap through the bottom). I don't know if that's enough Bs offhand and I'm too lazy to count, but that would be my basic model and I'd throw in another as necessary. Another option is adding a straddle back or shootover release as another B. Neither should require coming through vertical on the high bar.
Has your daughter tried clear hip clear hip? I've seen a few L7s and 8s do that, and some find the second clear hip easier because you already have some circling momentum. If her clear hips go to horizontal or a little higher, she could do them on the HB for better composition. If she could get both to handstand on the LB, that would be great, and it would be a way to add another B into the routine. That could also be a way to get into low bar giants- clear hip giant (or two giants), and she could even clear hip out of the giant to slow down the momentum.
I was thinking low-bar giant, too. That will at least get her working on and possibly competing giants so when you do find a different gym she won't have to start learning giants from scratch. If she's level 8, not working on giants will be a big disadvantage to her. I don't know the L8 rules so I'm not sure how this will affect her start value.
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