WAG Level 8 Floor

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Feb 12, 2022
My daughter had her first level 8 meet of the season and I am trying to figure out if there are some compositional deductions she might have received for her routine or a reduction in start value? (I always forget to look at the card for SV!) When making the routine she was preparing for level 9, so I think there was a little confusion as to what her tumbling passes were for level 8.

Pass #1 RBHS full 1 1/2 front tuck
Pass # 2 Round off Whip 1/2 Lay out (she did a tuck instead)
Pass #3 Front Handspring Front Layout ( She said she was supposed to have a front pike after, but I am not sure if that is required for 8 or just 9)

She also has a 1 1/2 turn and switch 1/2 split jump

Maybe missing some dance?
Feb 12, 2022
I am seeing a lot of posts about requirements and scoring. It looks like I am not alone in my confusion! I did purchase the code of points, and I think most of the deductions were likely form related, uncharacteristic pauses, etc.. Lots of room for growth for the second meet. I will just have to remember to look at the SV for the next meet!.