WAG Level 8 Routines Question

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Mar 30, 2022
I competed level 7 last season and did quite good. So this year I will be moving up to level 8. I have a mental block on back tumbling and would like to remove that completely from my routines. I have the bar routine and am going to do a tsuk vault but I have some questions on floor and beam.

On beam my routine is going to have
Front Handspring Back Handspring Series
Split Jump - beat jump
Tic Tock
Back walkover
Switch Leap
And Front Tuck Dismount
Would I get any start value or composition deductions if so how would I need to change my routines to get no deductions

On floor I am open to many front tumbling passes. I am working front fulls and front layout front pike right now. If these passes were in my routine would I get any deductions
Pass #1 - Front Layout Front Pike
Pass #2 - Front Full
I also have all the requirements for turns, jumps and leaps
So would this be a no deduction routine?
If it does have deductions what are they and can they be avoided by adding a standing back tuck it back handspring step out within the dance?

I appreciate any feedback, thank you!!!
Okay, so for floor, that depends. Do you have the required amount of A skills in your dance, or do you have extra B skills that can count as As? In a two pass routine, you need your directly connected saltos in both passes, so as awesome as a front full would be, you need a connection. Would a front handspring front full work?

Beam, you need a turn minimum of 360 degrees. To get no deductions on your SV, you can do 1 A skill and 2 B skills, in a series or separate. Can you replace the beat jump with a B dance element, and then add an A turn? That would give you a good SV. Also, the dismount would incur a .1 deduction. Can you do maybe a front layout? Or a B tumbling skill into it?

Are you able to make these changes? If I messed up saying something, please let me know!
On floor I am good at front handspring layouts so I can probably try a front handspring full. In my routine I have a 1 1/2 turn and a switch leap straddle jump and a standing back tuck. On beam I can do a full turn and a front layout dismount. So would making these changes get me to 10.0. Thank you for your help!
You don't have to be at 10 SV to compete if some things are not there yet. Better to take the deduction and do everything clean until you get there.
You do have to fulfill the special requirements though and have all of the elements you need.
That's true, but if she wants to compete with a 10 SV, and can do it clean, then that's good too. :D
For a 10.00 SV, can you do a combo like split jump + some other B jump? That'd give you a 10.00 SV. (ON beam) Floor is good!
I did split jump split jump in level 7 for part of the season I can do that again. Thank you for all your help!
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