Level 8 Vault

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Can a Level 8 perform 2 different vaults; ex. first 3.303 Tsuk Pike (SV=10.0) and her second vault would be 1.101 Handspring (SV=9.0). she is having some problems sticking the Tsuk and we were wondering if she wasn't feeling it on the first vault can she change on the second vault. Would the start values have to be flashed to the judges?
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
Yes,she could do 2 different vaults, and the different vaults would have to be announced to the judges.

Unless her tsuk (9.8 SV) is really not ready for competition, it will most likely score better than a handspring (9.0) sv, If she is a 1st year L8, you will most likely see improvements in the Vault as the season progresses.
Nov 5, 2007
I am pretty shure you can.When my daughter was a Level 8 she would do 2 different vaults.Tucked tsuk and piked tsuk.I think the coach has to let the judges know what vault they are doing.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
She absolutely can do 2 different vaults. Many times I've seen the easier vault be done 1st to take the pressure off and then go for the newer and maybe less reliable vault as the 2nd one. The coach just tells the judges before each vault. I've even heard judges ask a coach during warm up since they notice a girl warming up 2 vaults.


My coaches always go up to the judge(s) before each vault and say, "this is so and so, she will be performing a (insert vault name here)". The judge(s) always seem to smile because the coaches seem so animated when they say it. :)
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