WAG Level 8?

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Feb 26, 2017
Last year competed 7, this year 6 (don't know why). Anyways, would these routines sustain being a level 8 (which I am supposed to compete) or should I just go 7 again?


fhs, 1/2 on 1/1 off, tsuk in tuck position


Kip, CHS, clearhip (to possible HS), Squat on or toe on to HB, Kip, clearhip (2x if needed) Flyaway full in tucked position (I don't have giants yet, not sure if I will have them)


Series- bhs bwo, tick tock bhs, bhs bhs
Single Skills- side aerial, side somi, Back tuck
Jumps- Split jumps, tuck jumps, maybe a straddle jump, split from side
Turns- Full turn, 3/2 turn, full turn with leg in horizontal
Dismount- Bhs BT, bwo BT, cartwheel BT, Step front layout, punch front pike


Front Tumbling passes: fhs front pike, fhs front layout
Back Tumbling passes: Full, 3/2, whip through to full, layout
Jumps: Shushonova (idk how to spell it) Split 1/1, straddle 1/1, tuck 3/2
Turns: 2/1 turn, 1/1 turn with leg in horizontal, 3/2 turn with leg in horizontal, 1/1 turn with leg UP

Is there really anything else that needs to be added or things I might not need or I'm not allowed to have? Would I be able to score relatively good? Should I just not go 8? My floor is relatively good and all set for level 8 but I'm unsure about the other events...
I believe you need a direction change on bars. That can be done through a release move or by a pirouette. Also, your bars skill will suffer greatly in both L7 & L8 if your casts aren't getting super-close to handstand.

I don't know if giants are required but I haven't seen a L8 routine at all this year without them.

The tucked tsuk is a 9.8 start value but my dd has been scoring well with it all season - getting low 9's and often out-scoring girls doing a pike (which has a 10 SV).

Floor I believe you need a double-sumi --- so 2 hands-free skills in a single pass. I'm not sure by your explanation if any of them have that.

Not sure at all about the beam requirements.

I'm just a parent so hopefully someone else will come along that can confirm.
Above poster is correct that you need a pass on floor with two or more saltos connected directly or indirectly. A whip through to layout would count, or a front tuck - front tuck or something of that nature.

You may also have problems on bars because you can't count the same skill more than twice for credit. So you can't do 3 clear hip circles for credit. You need to have 4 Bs total in your routine - that's why most people do giants. You would also need either a release move or a HS pirouette. In order to get those Bs, you could do two clear hips, your dismount, and an additional B skill (i.e. a pirouette or release). You might still get composition deductions with that routine since it is expected to do giants at L8 and you aren't showing variety in your circling elements.
Wait, aren't you AGA? People are probably responding based on USAG JO rules unless otherwise specified.
Ok! For USAG, you would need a pass on floor with two saltos (like a whip through to back layout, or a front pike-front pike or something of that nature), as the poster above mentioned.

You also need either a pirouette or a release move on bars. You could do a HS 1/2 pirouette, a straddle back, a bail, a hecht to the high bar. You will also need 4 Bs on bars and you can't count a clear hip more than twice - which is why most people do giants. So for your 4 Bs you could do two clear hips, your flyaway 1/1 dismount, and also your pirouette/release.
vault- tsuk tuck would give u a 9.8 sv, but if it's performed clean you will still be competitive with it
bars- you need a pirouette, and you could do two free hips on the hb into a B value dismount and hit all requirements but to avoid a composition deduction you should aim to get giants, a stalder or a toe hand
beam- any of your series would meet requirement but i suggest doing bhs bhs to avoid up to level deduction, you need a forward or sideways skill, this can be covered by doing a cartwheel/round-off into you dismount or by doing a fwo or the tic tock before you series, i would do you backtuck and you need a full turn, and a 180 degree split, most common is a switch leap
floor- you need a double salto pass and i suggest including at least a full to avoid up to level deduction
for floor you could start with your whip to full, then fhs front layout and end with 3/2, do a double turn and you need to find a leap pass that your good at meeting a 180 degree split
Is it common for gyms to allow competing both AGA & JO? How would I that work? Practice with both teams?

Well we work skills year round, since most people in USAG (it's a select amount, everyone is in AGA), their level is similar to their AGA level. Example: I am a sr. 9 similar to levels 6-9. I'll be competing level 7 or 8 next year. Being this, our skills are basically the same. We just have to change up our routines a little bit. We normally do this a week or two before the USAG meet
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