Level 9 bar dismounts* options??

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Im already thinking about level 9. Im a level 8 though. Just wondering what are the options for bars dismount level 9? I have a really high layout flyaway but i have trouble getting away from the bar. I always over rotate my layout flyaway and land on my back but i do come close to the bar sometimes. Im also scared to do a tucked fly away because i pull my knees in and when i do that i close my shoulders. I skipped level 6 so i never learned really how to do a tucked fly away so im scared about doing doubles. What do you think are my dismount choices? Which do you think is best for me??:)


Jun 24, 2008
The most common dismounts seem to be:
flyaway 1/2
flyaway 1/1
Double back
front flyaway 1/2 (layout)

I've always been a twister, so I worked dismounts through flyaway 2/1s. A lot of my teammates seem to like toe-fronts, though.


If you're not comfortable with tucked flyaways, you shouldn't work a double back because it will take you twice as long... You will have to relearn it tucked and then work 2. But if you're a good flipper I guess it could work. I think your best bet is probably a flyaway 1/1 or 1/2. Those look so pretty I love them. But it all depends on whether you're a twister or a flipper.
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