Level 9 Bars

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Jul 17, 2007
Region 1
Does anyone know if there is a compositional deduction at level 9 for not having front giants? Our girls(region 2) scored on average 9.1 (at westerns)with beautiful routines. The girls that had front giants seemed to score 2 or 3 tenths higher for equally executed routines. Thanks!
I don't believe so, but it might depend on the other difficult skills that the girls have in their routines. I'm not a judge and the rules have changed a ton since I did level 9. I would think it would all dependon on the skills that are in the routine.
My daughter doesn't do them in level 10. She says there is a compositinal deduction but only about .10
Actually, there is a deduction. It is about half a tenth to a tenth. What you may not be noticing is the original start value of the routine (most level 9's put front giants in for bonus--you start at a 9.7 in level 9 and need 3 tenths--and the girls in your region may not be getting enough bonus). Take this start value into consideration and you WILL have a 2-3 tenth difference. Other than that, there are non-obvious deductions that may be in the routines. Obvious deductions would be steps on the landings, bent legs, bent arms, pauses, low amplitude, etc. What a parent may not notice is the chest down on the landing, finishing skills late, having the wrong body positions...Plus, referring back to the front giant, if a routine is just making the requirements and not getting any bonus, or if there is an imbalance in skills, you can take up to 2-3 TENTHS on composition. Consider the routines now! Does this help?
Thanks for the info. What do you mean by an imbalance of skills?
My dd routine is kip cast, squat on, kip cast handstand, pirouette immediate overshoot, squat on, giant, giant, and double back. She has a start value of 9.9.
Is that balanced?
There are compositional deductions which can be applied to both L9 and 10.

>.2 lack of variety in choices of elements and connections
>.1 lack of balance between elements w/turn or flight
-.05 Failure to perform circles both fwd and bwd
-.05 lack of elements w/turn
>.2 lack of elements that pass through vertical
-.1 each for uncharacteristic element
>.1 lack of distribution of elements
>.1 insufficient use of entire apparatus spacially

>.2 insufficient swingful execution
>.2 inufficient dynamics

Obviously, not having a front giant is not a big deal, so it must be something else. We were at Westerns (Region 1) and all of our bar scores seemed pretty fair, and about half of the kids in our squads did front giants. I had kids do that exact bar routine, and they scored 9.4 to 9.5,
Thank you for putting up the exact information. Imbalance means like having more releases than turning elements...but that may not apply to your daughter. :)
Oh don't get me wrong, I am sure they were fair! Actually it was pretty funny, all 4 judges gave my dd the exact same score!:)
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