WAG Level 9 Beam Series

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May 29, 2020
So I am training for level 9 and I have always struggled with back handspring series. Now it seems like most level 9 gymnasts seem to be competing bhs-bhs or bhs-back lay. I have seen in the rules that a "restricted d element" is allowed. Does that mean I can compete something like a front aerial (d skill) to a backhandspring (b) or a back tuck (c) if I have no other d skills in my routine? And if a series with a d skill is not allowed does anyone have any other connection ideas for level 9? Thanks to anyone that can help out :)
Yes, that would be an acceptable series. Back tuck back handspring could be another option. With any of these, the biggest challenge is to keep it moving so you don't break the connection.
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You could go in a different direction. Front handspring front handspring, round off - round off
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