For Parents Level 9 Meet results and Video(long post)

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Nov 5, 2007
Scores are up a little from last meet except bars.Bars was bad.I think I counted 4 falls.Missed her kip on highbar.Touched the floor comming out of the overshoot.Then stopped and chalked up.Got back on and felt like she did not have enough chalk,so got back down and chalcked up some more.Back up again,did some beautifull giants and opened her doubleback to late so fell on her butt on the dismount.I think score was 6.325 out of 9.7 SV.Coach said she wasn't quite mentally prepared for bars and thinks it will be better at the next meet.That was the first official Level 9 meet away from the gym.
Ofcourse there were lots of tears out of disappointment.So I thought herewe go,beam is next and she is all upset.Fell 3 times on beamroutine at the mockmeet.Well,warmup was pretty good.But that does not mean anything.She got on the beam did her bhs bhs series really nice.Stuck the switchleap straddlejump.Did her fhs beautifull but lost balance and fell.Back on the beam she did her splitleap 3/4 tuckjump,stayed on.Fullturn and did her dismount r/o full.Girl before her stayed on beam and her score was in the high 8's.So I was totally suprised when score came up and it was a 9.05.
Floor was alright but she did not do the tumbling she is capable of.Had a bad crash on warmup.So she did not tuck out of her bhs 1 1/2 or the fhs full.But did a beautifull switchside popa.Also said she got lost on her pike after the fhs whip.Score 8.75 out of 9.8 SV(I think).
Vault was great.Did one tucked tsuk and one piked tsuk.Score 8.8 out of 9.5 SV.
She raised her all around score by almost 1 point from the Mockmeet.
Next meet will be on Saturday.I hope bars will go better.

YouTube - Seattle Open Gymnastics Meet 2009 Level 9


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I love her floor routine and music! Her beam routine was awesome. She did great on vault! Bars, well, they can only get better! We saw a L9 meet this weekend and bars and vault seemed to give lots of trouble. They do some scary stuff.

What a way to keep going after a hard start on bars. She is a tough little girl. I am sure she will do great this season! :D


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Feb 26, 2007
I saw her video earlier, her bars were a real challnge, but you can see how she will get there for sure. The rest was lovely to watch, I just love her piked tsuk, lovely.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
L9 is one heck of a tough level. Our girls had their 1st meet this past weekend and the newbies said it is certainly more challenging than anything they faced in L8. One of our girls who is just a top notch gymnast(and about your dd's age) had a miserable time on bars. 2 or 3 falls.

A huge high 5 to her for making that bhs-bhs on beam look easy. I think she's very solid and looking at some excellent scores there. Its early and bars will come around for her.

GL at the next meet!!!
Dec 29, 2008
I am very impressed with how she went on to do so well after being disappointed by the bars. She clearly has talent, drive and determination. Her floor routine wowed me!


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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Wow great job.. her floor music is so fast.. tumbling looks great.. and her vault double wow..Looks great. Bars seem to be the hardest for most will get better. I know we had a level 9 move back to 8 because of bars. Keep us posted on the next weekend!
Sep 8, 2007
Her floor is real fun to watch she did great.Her vault is amazing ,beam to .Sorry she had rough time on bars ,boy when they come together they will be amazing!!
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