For Parents Level 9 routines bars and beam

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Momma Bear

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Oct 29, 2017
Just an FYI since no one mentioned, but that bar routine has a 9.9SV for level 9. It's meets all the special requirements and has no composition deductions but has only 2 tenths of bonus (connecting the pirouette to the bail). Connecting a toe hand AND a clear hand would add a tenth, so would connecting one of those circles to the double back dismount. A 9.9 start value at level 9 is very common, though. Bonus at level 9 can only come through connection and it's sometimes not worth adding more to get that tenth, or the coach might make the choice of adding a D instead of going for that extra tenth, which can be more progressive.
Thanks so much! I didn’t know this. Maybe they can play around with the order to get that extra connection bonus. But, as you said, a tenth may not make it worth adding if she’s going to get deductions on the additional skill.
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