For Parents Level 9 State meet result and bar vid

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Nov 5, 2007
Dd had a very uncharacteristic floor.Fell on bhs 1 1/2 punch pike.She said she made it to high.Big step to the side on her fhs full and landed funny on her fhs whip so she could not pike out of it.Score 7.95:(.
Ofcoure she was very upset.Went out to the bathroom crying.I thought she is going to loose it completly and carry it on to the next events which had happened a few times in the past.
Next was vault.She made her piked tsuk and got a 8.975 with a SV of 9.5.The best score this season.I was still upset myself and missed taping the first vault.
Bars was next.Her weakest event.Never landed a dismount this season.Landed one in warmup.Fell on the other 2.
Well for the first time and just in time(really needed a good score after floor) she landed her doubleback dismount.Touched the floor though after the overshoot,so 0.5 deduction.Score 8.7.SV for her bars is a 9.7.
Last was beam.She was very wobbly,slipped with one foot after the bhs series but managed to stay on.Also missed one of her leap series and had to compensate for it with another one.
Score 8.8.
She new she needed a 8.35 on beam to make the qualifying score for Regionals and she made it.
How sad the whole time I was trying to figure out what score she needs and what she is cappable of on each event to make it to Regionals.
All around was 34.425.
hre is the bar vid.For some reason her legs look longer than they really are.Maybe it was the angle I was recording it.
Sorry for the long post.

I also got to meet vmom at State.

YouTube - Level 9 Bars State 2009
Feb 15, 2008
That doubleback was AWESOME! She probably heard me yelling "YES!" from across the gym!!!! Have fun at regionals!


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Feb 26, 2007
Congrats on making regionals, that is a really special acheivment. Her bars looked greatr and that score with the 0.5 toe tap is HUGE. She must be walking on air, when are regionals for her?
Sep 8, 2007
Sorry to hear she had such a rough start but she difently got it together and finished strong.Her bars looked amazing and beautiful dismount!CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK AT REGIONALS!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Wow, what a beautiful bar routine. It made me cry. What a way to get back at those bars at states! :D Congrats to her for making regionals. Glad she could shake off her floor routine and make it through the rest of the meet. :D


Nice comeback after a rough start! Bars looked beautiful! Congratulations on regionals!:)


Sorry I'm so late, but congrats to her on making it to Regionals!!! WTG working through the initial problems :).
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