Level5 bar routine

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I have a couple of questions about skills that are in the level 5 routine. (bars)

I can do my kip on the lower bar with straight arms, but I can't seem to shift my grip. I'll do my kip and I'll get up with straight arms, but I have to take a moment to move my wrists/hands and then continue. I'm a level five so the kip has to connect straight into the front hip circle and my not being able to shift my grip is preventing me from doing the whole routine connected and nice. Are there any drills for this?

My second concern is the front hip circle. I can do the front hip circle and I can get back on the bar no problem, but I always get back on around my stomach. I've seen videos of girls get back around the bars with practically straight arms. (they may be bent a littleee bit) I get back around my stomach and my arms are bent .. a lot. Since I get back with my arms bent and the bar on my stomach, I try to cast and it's an ugly banana cast. (arched back) Are there any specific things I'd have to do to make it around the bar in a hollow body position so I can go straight into the horizontal cast?

I have a question about Long Hang Kips. I'm pretty inconsistent with them. I make them all one day and then I make none of them the next. It's quite frustrating and I can see where my problem is, but I can't seem to fix it that day. Then I come back into the gym the next day (or a few days) and I do them fine. My question is, if in a competition you don't make your long hang kip and you're hanging from the bar and you choose not to repeat the skill, would you have to do a pullover (with no swings) or can you take two pump swings into the pullover (sorta like the 3/4 giant skill, i think) Is there additional deduction for this?

Thank you.
Im sorry if this is the wrong section or if I did something wrong.


Your thread was posted a long time ago so you've probably corrected your problems by now. My DD struggled a lot with kips at L5, so much so that it took her over a year to "get" them consistently. You have probably found by now that it is the L5 bar routine that introduces the need for the most upper body strength so far in gymnastics. What will fix your bent arms and connections is repetition. Doing kips and casts over and over and over will build up your upper body strength so that you'll be able to do the kips with straight arms and your circles will be done with correct form. The reason you do them ok one day and not the next is probably because this routine is exhausting for a compulsary routine. Even what feels like failed attempts at kips to you during practice is very good for you because if you keep at it and do them over and over, you're building up all that upper body strength to eventually get it right.

And when you learn how it "feels," you will have that aha moment that your body and hands will not let you deviate from.
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Just thought I'd add a little encouragement: I got my kips a year ago and competed level 5 last fall, and in the beginning, I had to concentrate really hard and make sure all my motions were correct when I did a kip, but now they're almost second nature. I feel almost like I can "play around" with my jump to the high bar and see what gets the best swing and cast. So even though it's all guesswork right now, I'll bet you'll get kips down to an art pretty soon!
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