Levels. Canada vs. US?

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I was wondering how different the levels are in Canada (Ontario) vs. the US. It seems like they are really similar but I wasn't to sure.

I'm level 5 in Canada and these are some of my skills: Would I still be level 5 in the US?

Vault: Front handspring
Bars: Kip, back hip circle, straddle up, long pullover, backhip, straddle off
Beam: frontwalkover (or cartwheel), backwalkover-backwalkover, full turn, sison (sp?) tuck jump, dismount: front tuck 1/2 twist (or backtuck).
Floor: full turn, front tuck-roundoff-backhandspring stepout, roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck.

I think that's all :)
Thanks for all the help!


I think you are probably better than a level 5 here but can you do kips? Our level 5 bar routine is kip front hip circle cast cast squat on kip cast backhip circle underswing tap swings and that weird level 5 dismounty thing. its very scary. its very hard too. haha can you tell ive had problems with that as a level 5?

so i think ur much better then a level 5 and id say maybe about us level 7? idk
ya i can do kip, sort of, it kinda sucks! Bars is my weakest event though.

Is it common to be able to do restricted stuff on certain events (like restricted until 1-2 more levels) but aren't allowed competing it, because they can't move up? Cause that's the story of my life. haha
It's kinda dumb though because i don';t know what I need to move up.

plus like my club is REALLY small and no one has been to level 5 before, and everytime i move up I'm getting deductions for either not having required stuff (and it's not like i can't do the stuff), or having restricted moves. So it seems like I'm the guinea pig. lol
so it totally sucks! and now I'm 16 and my gymnastics life is like over next year =(

My gymnastics story has been very complicated! Basically i wish i was 5 again and my parents would let me train for longer at a good club, even if it's 30min away! but that's way off topic, and i could go on and on about it for ages!
thanks for the help gymgymgymnast08!!
it seems like you would be a level 6 training 7. in the us, you would probably do high school or do the prep op program.
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