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Hello, all-

I had a parent from the UK contact me about her kids coming here, but I have no idea how their system correlates to the US level system. Her daughter is currently training 12 hours per week doing "Grades" with a view to go elite next year. The child is 8.

Any help is welcome!

Oct 5, 2008
And back handsprings = flicks!

The grade system did go from grade 6 to 1 (1 being the hardest) but have recently changed... there's like 16 grades now or 18 or something like that! The 8 year olds in my gym have just done their grade 14, (the age limit for grade 14 is 8 apparently) which was very basic. Bars was chip up, leg lift, leg lift, chin up, 3 tap swings and drop off... floor was stuff like cartwheel cartwheel, handstand over to bridge, backroll to straddle, forwards roll... beam was very simple too and vault wasnt really vault... it was a box put longways with about 2 or 3 levels and you run and jump onto it, walk across it and jump off the end.

Just read about her plans to go elite so very much doubt she's on grade 14! My friend has done grade 1 on the previous system but on the new system she's now doing i think grade 8... So i'd imagine the girl is around grade 1-3 previous system or 8-10 on the new one, that's my guess anyway!

I think that grade 1 (on the previous system, sorry, im even confusing myself here!) is around about level 8 in american terms.
Sep 9, 2007
Hiya!! I'm a bit fuzzy on the new system but here goes... someone correct me if I'm wrong.

She would be Grade 14, old grade 6, if she's eight. It's about Level 3/4 in America I *think*. I don't understand how she could be going elite though, because I always thought you had to be 11/12.

The Grade 14 routines are on the website Bogwoppit posted. :D


They are probably talking about her going to compulsory 4 next year which means she must be 8 sometime during 2009, and 9 sometime in 2010.
comp 4 is closest to level 6 USA . It doesn't have a somersault on floor but it has cartwheel tuck back dismount on beam. Handspring vault, slightly easier bars. What is harder is it has a range and conditioning set.
It is - leg hold front , side and back (all 45 above horizontal)
roll to straddle hold, press to handstand hold, split handstand hold, change legs to other split in handstand hold, drop over to bridge keeping leg lifted in split, change to other leg lifted in split, kick through split handstand again to arabesque stand, body waves to front, back, sides.

If the kid is training for this in a years time she is probably only a USA level 4 to 5 now.
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