WAG Lexy Ramler gym burns down

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Oct 3, 2011
The Gym
Sadly, yesterday Lexy Ramlers gym caught fire. I don't train there, but I know some of the coaches/gymnasts personally. Any gymnast that loses their second home would be devastated. 1 of their 3 parts of their gym (the main gym) was saved with severe smoke damage on all of the equipment. The other 2 are completely gone, including the little cubbies with all the grips, tiger paws and Leo's.
they are planning on rebuilding as soon as they can, but I don't know about any of the details yet.
Please send the helping fairies their way and hope they can restore their gym as soon as they can.
Maybe this isn't allowed per the rules but I saw on Facebook they have a gofundme page. I wanted to contribute but I couldn't bring up the page by searching on Gofundme directly. Does anyone have a direct link? If we aren't allowed to post it, private message it to me.
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No problem you posting that here @gymdog

We only have an issue with those things when it is parents wanting help for their kids gym fees. Cannot allow that or we'd drown in it.

What a terrible thing to happen. A large Montreal gym burnt down a few years back, they did rebuild, but it was not easy at all.
As the gymnastics community is so small and much more tight-knit than other sports (in my opinion), I am sure that we would all like to help rebuild this gym. We may be able to do more if we do some fundraising at our gyms. Here is an fundraiser idea that we use for my son's baseball team and which I pitched to the head of our boosters club: have each family on the team donate a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket (we have over 120 girls on the team L3-Elite). Package all those scratch-offs with a gift certificate for a leo, grip bag, etc. Sell raffle tickets for $10 each. You can get 1000 professional raffle tickets online for $41. For our gym, if each family sold 8-9 raffle tickets we would sell all 1000 for a profit of $9959.
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