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I know this is stupid but hey, I had a moment. :eek:

Background: I was listenin to a song called Get Up by Superchick and I just had to write a gymnastics poem. I just couldn't help myself.

Trying :

I've had the pulled muscles, the rips and the pain.
I couldn't walk for a few days, felt like I got hit by a train.
I still tried.

My mother tried talking me out of it, said I was too old.
I got laughed at and felt the stares, they were all so cold.
I still tried.

The coaches wouldn't spot me, they couldn't handle my weight.
Everyone told me that I couldn't do this sport, that I was too late.
I still tried.

But what happens now? I quit.
Now more flying. No more flips into the pit.
I do my stretches, my body protests screaming a loud no.
I keep going, my heart telling me to do so.
I show my mother my accomplishments, she hates it.
I feel like crying, I feel like ****.
I have no money and no support.
I'm not skinny and i'm not short.

Do I keep trying? My heart says yes, stay strong.
My body and everyone else says no.
Forget them, I'll prove them all wrong.
I can do this and this I know.

I Think I'll Keep On Trying.

Yes I know it's a little off in stanza's but hey, I Tried :p


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
That is really good! I can't write poems at all! haha. But that is really inspiring too, expesially because i am a taller gymnast and am not as good as other people. That was really, really good!


i think its perty dang good. lol. but really.... its pretty good!!
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