Parents Little brag - my first one!

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Feb 2, 2012
I don't think I've bragged before - I've commented on others and asked and answered questions, but had typical British reserve about celebrating my kids skills.

Well daughter has been having a good two or three weeks. It happens in waves and lots of things have just been dropping in to place - tuck backs, cast handstands etc. just generally lots of improvement and no obvious struggles.

Tonight she came out buzzing as usual about this and that and then with a massive smile told me that she had landed her first flics (bhs) on low beam on her own.

Seriously I was so surprised. I knew she had started doing flics on a line on the floor a couple of weeks ago and guessed they would be building up to this AT SOME POINT! Didn't expect it so soon. Apparently coach decided her back walkovers were solid and suggested she have a go at some flics with support. They went really well so she tried a couple on her own and landed them!

Lol, she came home and told her dad and his response "what, are you kidding, surely that's dangerous!"

So happy for her :D
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What a big step! So proud of her and glad you felt you could brag. It's a brag worthy skill for sure:)
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Well done.
LOL at her Dad, maybe don't let him watch any high level gymnastics.
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