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Feb 15, 2007
This is Part 1 of another great documentary to watch for those that have not. I read "Little Girls in Pretty Boxes" right after I watched it.. I have to tell you initially it terrified me. I read "Letters to a Young Gymnast" after - actually both in the same day :p- they were good reads - and I felt much better knowing that there are different views/reactions to competitve gymnastics at higher levels. It is all about perspective.
I only watched the one that you linked onto your post but that was a cool video. In the beginning it talked about eating-disorders a little bit. I think it is so sad when a gymnast, anyone for that matter, has an eating disorder. I think it is especially important in sports to eat. Everyone but atheletes especially shouldmake sure they are eating and eating properly. That doesn't mean no sweets but healthy food should be eaten a lot and a lot of water should be consumed. I think there is a lot of pressure in gymnastics and all sports and in the world too to be skinny which is sad when people tell other people they're fat or not skinny enough. It's sad. To have an eating disorder and then to work-out is crazy. I don't know if this is true but isn't there a risk of seizures or other sicknesses that could caused by that?
Especially since gymnasts need SO MUCH energy... it is dangerous with an eating disorder for anyone, but for gymnasts it just seems that much more dangerous, because of the amount of constant strength they need.
A lot of the time, I can tell whether or not a kid has eaten before they come to practice just from how they work out. If you aren't giving your body the nourishment it needs, you do not progress. Period.
I am a tiny girl and when I work-out I get tired easy and "poop-out" so my coach told me to eat a snack half-way through class. (I have a 2 hour class) As you can tell it isn't a competitive class but I get tired because of the harder things I am working now and before I drank and Ensure shake, has anyone heard of them, well they stopped tasting good to me so now I have a Tiger Milk Bar an hour into practice. They are a protein/energy bar. I also take a water bottle with me to class even though we have a water fountain and I have energy all through class! my coach knows I have my snack but before I go eat it I ask her if I can go eat and then she says yes and then I eat it. It works out great!!!
ya I get hungry sometimes during our class too. but our classes are 4 hours so we get a quick snack break two hours into our class. so it all works out good.
Not open for further replies.