Parents Little gymmie's L2 bars!!!!

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Aug 16, 2008
So, my little DD (age 5) has been training L2 for 7 months. It's been a loooong 7 months...some things she has picked up but has REALLY REALLY struggled on bars. At her last meet she got a 6.25 and still needed spots on all 3 skills.

About a month ago, she finally got her pullover.:D She's been inconsistent with it, having it some days and losing it others. I was convinced it would take her another year to get that darn back hip circle and straddle dismount. She had a private yesterday with older DD and still needed a decent amount of spot on both skills.

Well...she comes out of practice tonight telling me she did "her whole bars routine by herself". I kind of blew it off and figured she'd just gotten confused. Well sure enough when older DD got out of practice she tells me that little DD did the entire L2 bars routine with NO SPOT and NO HELP and...straight legs and "kinda pointed toes". I am completely amazed since she wasn't close to the BHC or dismount yesterday and today she connected the whole routine!!!!! Even landed on her feet!!! And I am also SO SAD that I missed it and a little worried that she'll never be able to do it again!!!:eek:

I just HAD to brag, it has been a long road since little DD was selected for TOPS and the fast-track pre-team. She's struggled hard while many of her teammates have flown past her and I truly thought she might NEVER get those darn bar skills.

Thanks for reading and please send some hopes my way that I might actually get to see her do this at practice on Thursday or Friday!!!!:)
That's great!! I go through the same thing with my dd (6 yrs). She's pre-team and I feel like sometimes she just will not get consistant. The best advise I've received is for me to be consistant in my encouragement and support it will click for her with time.

That's AWESOME! Congratulations to your little gymmie. Rest assured, if she can do it once, she can do it again! Hopefully soon, so you can enjoy too!

I've seen in our gym, the girls who struggle to get the skills, often have it prettier and more consistantly in the end!

I'm looking forward to a post in a few days telling us how great it looks!!!
Yay!!! It is great when things all start to come together. All her hard work is paying off and that feeling is the best for them! Hope you get to see it soon, too. Tell her congrats!
Thats awesome! It seems that oneday it just clicks. I bet she gets some awesome scores at the upcoming meets!
Good for her!! It's so fun when it just clicks and comes together for them.
Woohoo! Congrats to little dd! That is awesome news. I love it when it suddenly clicks for them. :D
Congrats to your DD on getting thru the entire routine! As a Mom it's hard when you miss seeing the "firsts" I'm hoping you get to see it for yourself at the very next practice!
Awesome! Congrats to little dd!

Last year when Midget was doing L2 it was so funny how she got her skills. If you watch my YouTube videos you can see the progression but what I never mentioned on the blurbs is when she got her mount the first time it was AT the meet. Same with the dismount. All year she struggled with it and then in the last meet she got it.

And I agree that the ones that seem to struggle with picking up skills seem to get them much prettier when they finally do get them. We have a few girls that pick things up really fast, and then struggle to get them polished and others take forever to get them but when they do they are just beautiful. :)
That is wonderful ! I do feel your pain. DD did 2 seasons of level 3. She is finally doing level 4, but I am seeing her teammates pass her by. If only she could get that form thing down !
Congratulations!!! My DD also struggles with bars, it can be hard to watch, Yeah she has overcome and what a great accomplishment for her and a very proud moment for you:)
Thanks all.

I went and watched practice today...and...

She couldn't do anything but the pullover! But the pullover was great and she needed only a light spot on the BHC one time. The other 2 times she needed full spots.

She had a different coach, though.

Sigh...maybe tomorrow she will get it again. I SOOOO want to see it!;)
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