Parents Little Monkey's Level 5 Meet Report Feb 1st

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Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
It was an early morning, 8am report. Little monkey was hoping to start on beam which is her favorite rotation, but they were scheduled to start on floor, her 2nd favorite. My camcorder didn't cooperate so I didn't tape floor. It was uneventful, with a few little "dings", she got 9.0 (5th place).

On to vault. In the car on the way down, she had asked what she should do if she didn't think she could get over. So I told her that if she wasn't yet on the springboard, to go off to the side but do not touch the table. Hmmm....suspicious. Sure enough during warmup, she did this. Now she has never run INTO the table before, so I'm not sure where this new insecurity came from. From where I was sitting I could barely see the vault since there was a beam right in front of it and a gymnast/coach in our way. She did ok and ended up with 8.35 (5th place) however, due to the fact that the score "flipper" was this little tiny girl who was not paying attention, we didn't find out DD's score till just before awards!!

Bars....her nemesis! Now we've had a wonderful new coach this week (aka the miracle worker). Little Monkey has been catching the high bar with him, even on the FIG setting. Warmups - she falls backwards every time, then she gets back up, then coach kind of grabs a leg to steady her while she makes the jump. When she was waiting for her turn, I could tell she was pulling her shoulders forward like she knew what she had to do to stay on the bar, but not sure why she didn't/couldn't do it during warmups. When it's her turn she does a nice first half, then squats on and LEANS forward, I think she is shocked that she is not falling back. There's a hesistation which cost a few tenth's I'm sure, and she makes the jump and does a nice 2nd half. Score - 9.05!! I nearly fell off the bleachers! This was good enough for 6th place. I'm still in shock since her previous highest Level 5 bar score was 7.8 and has been as low as 5.7!!!! YouTube - 2/1/09 Disco Diva Level 5 Bars

Last event is beam, she had a few bobbles, esp. after the cartwheel....8.8 (5th).

Her AA was 35.20 - 5th place among all 8 year olds - there were 11 in their group.
WOOHOO! I thinks she's got it....what a great year she's going to have! Awesome about the bars, she must be so happy. About the DD also experienced this hesitation/fear this year. I can hardly wait to see how she goes over the table this week since not vaulting for so long. Just when you get one thing "fixed" there's always something else right? I'm sure she will get over it soon.
Now that is wonderful, what a great story of conquering fear. SOunds like the new bar coach knows his stuff. She had great results AA, and she's a real cutie too!
It looked great and it sounds like she has certainly worked hard to accomplish all she has! Congrats to your little monkey! :D
Really nice bars routine! It is amazing how much they learn between level 4 and level 5! She looked beautiful!:)
She is adorable! And what a great bar routine!! You could tell she was so proud when she looked up at you to see if you saw her, lol! Too cute!!
What a great job! Wow, from problems with bars to bar queen, that was lovely!! :D Glad she had such a great meet! Hope she gets over her issue with vault. She is so beautiful!
Great job! Congrats on jumping to high bar by herself and earning that 9.!!! Look forward to hearing about her upcoming meets.:)
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