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Hello :)
I'm a 29-year-old gymnast wannabe from Spain currently living in France. I've also worked and lived in Luxembourg (as a gymnastics coach there!) and Poland but I am now longing to go back to my homeland and stablish there as a translator and web-editor, and maybe join some "gymnastics for grandmothers" program as I did in France :D But I'm afraid gymnastics is a minority sport in my place (region of Galicia) and the interest to develop programs for adults there is almost non-existing... :(

I like watching and investigating about old gymnastics (50s-80s) but I admire current Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian gymnastics on the women side. I support Spain gymnasts to death too and I like Romanians, but I'm afraid they are going through some kind of crisis now maybe due to the new code. Spain men seem to have managed to be on the top though. I like some USA girls too, I admire her powerful skills, but I usually dislike their choreographies (well, this new code doesn't help much really...).

I like collecting gymnastics leotards and floor music.

I run a Spanish gymnastics information website: | Gimnastas.Net If you read Spanish you may find it interesting.

I'm very please of having joined this community. I hope I can share and exchange a lot of gymnastics information here.

Well, this is all so far about me. Now I will browse around to know and hear about YOU.
Take care, have fun. ;)
Mar 14, 2007
Hello there and welcome on here! :) Your name sounds familar to me from a couple other boards I think. :)
I hope you will find a place to practise gymnastics even if it`s not that popular in your region!

And it`s awesome to read you are a web editor and run a website also. I`m really interested in webdesign and currently try to teach myself on it. :)
Sep 5, 2008
Hi I'm Also From Spain But Living In Mexico I Would Love To Hear What You Have To Say About My Dd Injuries. Look For My Introduction
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