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pixie flips

Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Well my daughter had her 1st level 4 meet ever, last weekend ... and I am so proud of her!

I was a nervous wreck, as I posted here the previous week, because she had never gone to a meet where she did not have every skill down. But, this is the first meet of the season so she certainly has time to get those skills!

Floor: She did an amazing job! She has such grace for her age and really looked elegant. She was in time with the music perfectly. She did bend her legs on her BHS which is somewhat of an enigma because she just started doing that, lol! She's always kept her legs straight before so I don't know what to think haha! I only wish I had a profile view of her routine for the video as my angle left much to be desired. Oh well!


Vault: Next was vault but from where we were sitting we didn't see her group move to the vault area when they were done with the floor. So, I missed her first vault and the approuch of the 2nd! wah!! She has issues with her vault (she rolls her shoulders out of them) and lands in a hallow position. What I caught of her 2nd vault looked like a very good vault for her, yeah!!


Bars: This was scary for me! Since my daughter moved from level 2 to level 4 she missed out on learning her stride circle and had been fighting it all summer. Well she got her stride circle 2 days before the meet! And she only learned her front hip circle a few weeks ago!! Needless to say I was so worried for her but there was no need to because she did a great job! A little polishing up and it'll be golden :)


Beam: Her last event! I panicked just a bit when I saw the beam coach place the springboard on the wrong side of the beam than my daughter practices on at the gym but she covered up well. A true pro, hehe!

She had a really strong rountine considering a substitute coach, at gym, was spotting her on her dismount...told her to lift one arm, then fall and rotate. Instead of leaning first and then lift an arm while rotating down. Well I don't know many girls her age that can hold her body weight on one arm. She didn't and crashed onto her face on the beam (so much for that spot). She's been scared of it ever since. Her dismount comes and goes. She hasn't had it since the fall.

Also, during practice, pixie's beam coach told her that if she missed her dismount at the meet to not do it again but to just salute the judge. Well, during the meet she missed the dismount and the couch made her get back up and spotted her on it. Wouldn't that cause more of a deduction?


All Around: 35.05 2nd place! wOwOwOw!! I'm so dang proud of her, I can't even put it to words!!!

The little girl that got 1st place scored a 35.8 AA soOo close! :D

Here's her video if anyone is interested! It's best viewed if you click the link on the bottom right hand side of the video marked "watch in high quality". I don't know why the video uploaded in such poor quality it wasn't like that before I added it to youtube, hmmm.

YouTube - Pixies Level 4 Gymnastics Meet
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Feb 26, 2007
What a lovely job she did, great start to L4. 2nd AA rocks.

She's awfully cute too!


Oct 10, 2008
what a great job she did! and your nerves will only get worse i am afraid! :) she should be very proud of herself


Moderator/Proud Parent
Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
She did a great job. Once she gets her confidence back on that beam dismount she will be covered in bling !!!

I don't think her beam dismount was counted as done twice since she did the L3 one the first time, but I am not sure.


Proud Parent
Mar 9, 2008
That is such an awsome start to her level 4 season! Way to go Pixie! She is so cute too! Love your montage!:)

pixie flips

Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Thank you all for the kind replies! *hugs*

And thank you to mom2kazkids & bogwoppit for your sweet comments on Pixie's video page I can't wait to show her when she returns. (she's at the gparents this weekend.)

MdGymMom01, Thanks again! She is 7 years old and this is her first full year on team. She started right before last season began. She spent about 2 month in rec when she was 3 then stopped until last year when she wanted to try gymnastics again. So, in total she's been doing gymnastics about 15 months.

dadingym, I fear I'm going to be drinking bottles of Pepto in my near future if I don't learn how to control these butterflies I get, lol!

gymmomntc2e6, Aww! How sweet of you!! I'm sure my little Pixie will love to hear that, haha!! I'm not sure how they score that either. Maybe a deduction for doing a wrong skill and a deduction for assistance...but I'm not sure. I'd be curious to know.

gym mom, Thank you! I'll tell you said so :)

gymjourneymom, We are so proud of her! I certainly didn't expect that start. I really didn't know what to expect to tell you the truth. I just knew she didn't have all her skills down so I told her this meet was all about having fun and experiencing what level 4 meets are all about! Well for her to come away with the 2nd place trophy was just icing! She had a blast!!

Thanks for the montage compliment. That was the first one I ever made and I kind went overboard, lol!

momof2gymgirls, Thank you, again, for the kind words! I can't wait to let Pixie read them all!


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
2nd AA...for her first L4 meet...WOW!:):):)
Congrats to her...and to you!
(I get very VERY sick to my stomach during dd's meets too, BTW)!


Great Job!! This is how our coach explained it to me. When a gymnast falls on the dismount, the rules say that they must try for a 2nd time. If they get it the 2nd time, they get credit for the skill, just loose .50 for the fall on the 1st try. If they don't get it on the 2nd attempt either, they loose the value of the skill, plus .50 for the fall on the 1st attempt (adds up to approx. 1.50). If they don't attempt for the 2nd time, they loose the skill and take the points off for the fall anyway, so they are still out 1.50. It is well worth it to try a 2nd time, seeing as you're guaranteed to loose 1.50 if you don't, and if they make it, only loose the .50.
Hope this helps!

pixie flips

Sep 30, 2008
Region 3
Thank you all! It's actually quite comforting to know that I'm not the only one who gets butterflies when their gymmie competes. I know it's because we lovethem so. Plus, it just breaks my heart when my little girl is hurting in any way. So, I want everything to go right for her.

nw ohio gymmom: thank you for filling me in! They sure do lose a lot for not hitting their dismount, don't they? wow!

On a lighter note she did get her dismount several times this week but it is hit or miss. I'm very proud of her because I know it scares her since "the fall".

BTW, you are all amazing! Thanks for the support :)
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