For Parents Liv's Best Level 4 meet report w/ video

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So Olivia participated in the New Year's Invite in Disney World. We went up New Year's Eve and the gym hosted a "party" at the hotel. All the girls of all levels hung out and had a great time!!!

On friday the girls had practice at the meet spot. It was a 2.5 hour timed practice with all participating gyms. Surprisingly, it was not a big meet but there were gyms from Iowa and California. Olivia thought it was neat to practice somewhere besides her regular gym.

She competed Saturday morning. She was second up on beam. I was very happy to see she started beam. Usually she has beam last and it doesn't seem to work for her. During warm ups she looked shaky but I had no expectation at this meet. This was strickly a "fun" meet. She had states 3 weeks ago and has been uptraining ever since. I don't think they ran routines till a few days before the meet. Well when it counted she was very solid. She was nice and tight and very crisp. She messed up on her second turn (forgot her routine for a sec) had a few minor bobbles and a great dismount. She scored a 9.0 and I was happy for her. She's struggled with beam and was glad she was in the 9's.

Next up her favorite and best event floor. By now she is estatic with her 9 on beam and looks very confident. She goes and does a great routine!!! I think she did something wierd when going down on the split. She slid back instead of forward but everything else looked great! She had nice height on the leaps (for her) and most importantly nailed her landing after the ROBHS. She scored a 9.225 highest yet. We are very very happy at this point.

Next up her hit or miss vault. All season her scores are either 8.6's or 9.1's. I don't get it but it's true! So I am hoping she does one of her better ones so we can keep the 9's going. She runs, jumps, lands and scores.....8.65...too bad!

Her nemesis.....bars! All season we've battled and lost the war with the very evil mill circle. She worked lots on it before states but not much since. During warm ups I saw her do 2 mill circles so I walked away. I was just way too nervous. I wanted her to do good. I was hoping for a high 8. Her highest score was at states an 8.475. She actually does a great routine and sticks the landing and scores...get this.....9.35! woo hoo! I am estatic!! And so is she!

Vault - 8th place
Bars - 1st place
Beam - 1st place
Floor - 1 st place
AA 36.225 1st place!!

She had a goal of a 36 AA! I didn't think it was possible but I didn't want to limit her. All I told her was to GO FOR IT!!!

I am so proud of all her improvements. She really surprises me with her determination. She has one last meet in Febuary, Gasparilla Classic in Tampa. She is ready to move on to level 5. I am just hoping vault doesn't keep her from moving on.

Here's her meet video: YouTube - Best level 4 meet yet! Olivia age 6
Wow didn't she shine out there?? I am so amazed at her poise for such a young child, she has such great presentation and her skills are so sharp. She must be thrilled to have such a great L4 meet whilst uptraining for L5. She is a little star. I loved her cast on bars!
That was just beautiful. Wonderful job Liv!! So very proud of how much you have improved in such a short time. You are an amazing little gymnast and have a super bright future ahead of you! Congrats! Abby will love watching it. We will comment on YouTube tomorrow when she sees. She is going to be so proud of you!
Thank you guys! She definitely had her game face on. She went out there with determination. Partly I think she wanted to redeem herself after states. She had high hopes for states and it just didn't happen for her. Her sharpness and tightness really surprised me. I told her that that sharpness is the difference between a 9 and a high 8. She said she really wanted to show the judges her very best! And she did!

She is truely enjoying her sport again and it's very noticeable. I watch videos from last year and compared to where she is at this year and the difference is significant. Last season as a level 3 I didn't think she'd make it the whole season let alone another full year. I can't stress enough what a great fit this new gym has been. It's made all the difference. We couldn't be happier.

Thank you all for all you support and encouraging words. :)
She looks fantastic. I do hope she gets to do level 5 next. I think she likes a challenge! Well done Liv.
Congrats to Olivia!! She looks amazing. I'm glad she's very happy where she is now. She's an inspiration for our current situation. Hope she moves to L5 and continues to enjoy it.
So happy to hear she did so well. We watched her videos. Tell her Langely said great job! Isn't cool to know that younger gymnasts look up to Olivia!
Wow! What a wonderful job! She rocked those bars! As always, beam and floor were gorgeous! That darn vault......I don't get it either. Never Emma's event! Even when I think she did an awesome job! Congrats Liv!
She rocked it!!

Midget and I will be watching it again this evening I can promise you that. I will comment on YouTube later as well but that was an excellent showing by a very poised young lady!

Go Liv!!

Loved the music choice too.
She is SOOOO amazing! DD and I just love love love her!

I finally saw the kip video - how awesome is that?!! I bet you were both on cloud 9. Can't wait to see more from her - she kicks so much butt :D
Thank you all! I was most impressed by her bars as well. I've always known she had great potential for bars......she is so strong. But for whatever reason has really struggled this season. Her coach mentioned to me that Liv almost had to relearn everything. When she started at this gym she had many bad habits that were tough to break. She had archy casts, lazy leg cuts, and a sloppy mill circle. Not to mention she did not have a strong FHC. Lucily he's worked really hard with her. Trained her seperately for awhile, having her do mill circle after mill circle. They even had to break down into parts again.

I am just glad Olivia was able to see all her hard work pay off at the end. States was such a bummer. She really thought she was ready to "bring it on" and although she nailed her bars skills the judges were apparently not impressed. She scored a 8.475. I thought she may never get her 9 on bars. Now she is sooo pumped!!! What a little win can do for motivation!

She has one last level 4 meet in Febuary. This week she started her level 5 schedule, which consist of an added day. So she is now training 16 hours including TOPS. I hope she can handle the extra day. Her only days off are Thrs and Sundays.

Well again thank you all for all your nice comments. :)
She is just amazing. It is so cool to watch the little ones when they figure out the sharpness and tightness things and it all comes together...(we are still waiting for that in my 5 year old!;)).

Beautiful, beautiful meet and I have no doubt that she will conquer the L5 vault...and everything else in L5! My older DD will be starting L5 in March and does not have her kip Liv is way ahead of her already!:) I must admit that I am terrified of that L5 vault.

Enjoy that last meet, Liv!
Liv did great congrats.

Amber is competing level 3 at gaspirilla. It is a great meet, very big. This is her third year competing there. Her best friend is competing four so maybe we will see you there. I did not realize how close you guys were to us. I will PM you when it gets closer .

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