For Parents Liv's Level 4 Meet Report and Video

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Well I love competition season! I love the excitment and all the stress that comes with it. This meet was especially nice for us for several reasons. First of all we were able to meet a fellow CBer, gym-mom-fla. It was so nice to actually be able to put a face to a name around here. And to watch Kylie in person....AMAZING! What a doll! The girls met as well and we were even able to get a pic of them together. So Cool!

Liv also saw her first coaches from when she was 4yo. I couldn't believe Olivia's reaction. She ran and gave the HC the biggest embrace ever. We were both crying! I think we were both a like shocked at Liv's reaction. She use to call her gym mommy. It was little sad but nice.

Her cousin was also competing for another gym and it was nice to see her perform as well. They hadn't seen eachother in a while but at the awards they were cheering for eachother. Again very cool!

Now as to the meet:
Olivia started on beam. And we all know how that went at her first meet...
Well I fugured it would be nice to just get out of the way. At warm up she kept falling on her scale and looked very wobbly. Well, when it counted she looked much tighter than before and her jumps were much improved. Her scale was also much steadier. Her turns still had a few wobble and of course she rushed her dismount to make she got "it" this time. All in all a great routine and placed 4th with a 8.80. Huge improvement from a 7.10. I was pleasantly surprised:D

Next up was floor. Her floor at practice has looked really good to me. She is really trying hard to jump and leap higher. She starts, looks great then during her 2nd HS does a 2nd forward roll instead of bridge. She stands and pauses for what seemed like forever. I have no idea what she is going to do next. She immediately goes into backbend, kickover and rushes to catch up the music. She does and finishes strong and scores an 8.45! Very generous I thought considering last meet she scored an 8.225. I've concluded I know NOTHING about scoring or judging.

On to Vault: I knew she would probally not get another 9 and she didn't. It was still a good vault for her though and she scored an 8.75

She finished up on bars. At warm up she did a great routine. The best I've ever seen her do. She even "nailed" her landing. I was like: she should of saved it for when it counted. When it actually mattered she did an ugly FHC, a great shoot thru, an even uglier mill circle but her cast was more hollow and only one step in the landing. All in all I though it was much improved but her score didn't reflect it though. She scored an 8.35. Her last meet she scored an 8.45 with an extra cast.... Oh well that's how it goes.

AA she scored a 34.375 up from a 32.9!! :) We'll take it!!

She has another meet next weekend. Let see if she can pull it all together.

Here's her meet video: YouTube - OliviasClub's Channel
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Feb 26, 2007
She did a great job, her beam was lovely and she is really looking polished. I love the way she covered up on floor, just shows what smart little cookie she is. Can you imagine how stressful it was for her to have to think what to do, amazing.

Great AA, I can see it creeping up every time. Way to go Olivia.


Proud Parent
Nov 15, 2008
We had so much fun meeting you guys too! Like you said, nice to put a name with a face! Watching Olivia's video, it's even more amazing to me how well she recovered on floor. Seriously, she is one smart kiddo. Not many kids could have pulled that off! She did a fabulous job and I bet she will get better and better each meet. Can't wait to see next week's video. Your team was awesome, very impressive! See you at State in December:)!


I know what a coinincidence!! We had even talked about it. I don't think olaya liked Liv's floor especially that she messed up but oh well! You just never know what to expect from a 6yo.

I hope you don't mind but I posted a picture of our girls together in Photos to share with other CBers. I thought it was cute picture and I loved that they were both wearing their medals. I wish we had more meets together. But we'll try to meet up again at states.

Bog thanks for your nice comments! I thought she did a good job of covering it up as well. I think I would just run! I learn so much from her.
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Jan 17, 2008
Great Job Liv!! I love the cover on floor.. maybe they should change the routine! LOL I think that the back bend kickover looks better than the handstand kickover anyway!
I also thought it was so fun that she just kept on going after the "accidental" handstand forward roll. Great job there. She didn't look too nervous or embarrassed due of that either.

Great performances!
Great job to Olivia! And amazing quick thinking on the kickover:)

It's so great that you got to meet another Chalkbucketer too! I met one briefly last year, and am hoping to meet more this year!

We loved watching the video, and commented there too (since I know how excited Bean gets about getting youtube comments).

We're now waiting (not patiently!) For our meet season to start!

Midget's Dad

Way to go Liv!

Great job to keep focused and pick right back up after the miss on floor. Wonderful poise and focus. She looked fabulous on beam I thought too.

And awesome to get to meet other CBers. Loved the pic of Liv and Ky.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
I am so proud of Liv! Her beam looked very nice. Dismount reminded me so much of Abby that I laughed. I am always thinking, just get to the other side. LOL. I was sooo proud of her on floor when she used her quick thinking and did that backbend kickover, good for her! Bars are coming along, they are very good for her age. Bars seem to be the thing that is easiest here to medal on even with a low 8, because they are tough. She is already in the 8s! Abby didn't get her 8 until the last meet of the season at her old gym. Even when she didn't miss anything! LOL. Vault, I don't even try to score. It is too confusing.

She made lots of improvements, I am very excited for her and bet her next meet will have some more! :D


Thank you guys for all the nice comments! I forgot to mention her finishing pose on floor. Did anyone notice it?? I had no idea she changed AGAIN!!! I asked her about it after the meet and she said her floor routine was so silly she finished it with a.......I-don't-know-what-happened pose. She is so funny to have thought about it on the spot. Last thing on my mind would of been to change my pose.

She shared with her dad that she was nervous because she doesn't feel she knows the routine automatically. She still has to think through it. I have mentioned before about the lack of routines she runs at practice and that just goes to show. Last week they didn't run full floor routines till the friday before the meet.....:eek:. The rest of the girls on her team do fine, actually amazing. But they are atleast 2 years older. Liv still needs lots of repetition to have it sink in. I hope they run full routines this week but I doubt it.

Anyway I just wanted to add that cute tid bit about her floor.


Way to Liv! What a quick thinker! She is very graceful on the beam and I thought her vault was great. She is only going to get stronger as the season moves along. Congrats!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That really is amazing about the pose, what a character, that was super quick thinking. :D

I think the young ones really, really need repetition. Abby's super talented friend that Liv reminds me of is struggling a bit with learning the routines and I know she would get it if she just did a whole bunch one day over and over. They work parts all the time, but rarely put it together, maybe once a week, if that. It is hard that way for some kids, especially little ones.


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Mar 9, 2008
She did wonderfully!!!! Her great toe point really struck me & I love her quick thinking on the floor:D! WTG Liv:applause:keep it up!!!
Sep 8, 2007
Way To Go Liv!!!Her routines are looking great!My dd had the same mishap last year on fl also .Very cool that she got to meet another cber!
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