For Coaches Long hang kip and baby giant problems

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Nov 16, 2012
A little update:

We did that wiggle to long hang pull over yesterday. It seemed to really help. I noticed that some girls really struggled keeping their arms straight in the second part of it. Half of the group did well and I let them try real baby giants after it. I told them to tap at the bottom of the swing and lift the hips to the bar as fast as possible. I think I saw some progress already! Here are two videos of them doing it. In the first video the more advanced girls are doing their baby giants. These are the first tries after the drill I mentioned before. The second video is about the drill. Some of the girls found it really hard, especially the one with no leotard. She had so little wiggles she was unable to lift her hips. I'm sorry the video is so unstable, the girls were holding the camera.....

I think our spotting platform is placed poorly. I cannot stand on the other side of the bar which would be easier side to spot the drills you have mentioned :(
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Jun 12, 2010
In the meanwhile, for the long hang pullover, have them drill wriggles (arch-hollows) hanging on the bar, and end it with a turnover to candle with the goal of touching their thighs to the bar. They most likely won't be able to straight-arm pullover to front support like this, but if you can spot them by the lower legs and they are able to stay tight, you can help them turnover into front support. What you're drilling into them is the idea that a long hang pullover or a baby giant that goes over the bar should not be a killer on their hips. The arms remain straight of course, by pushing the bar down to touch at the thighs- not pulling in and slamming at the hips.

The next step would be to do the same drill from tap swings. Have them initiate the turnover sooner, as they begin swinging forward through the bottom (my experience is that gymnasts will turnover too slow or too late in relation to the amount of swing, and the timing will be totally off with the gymnast completing the turnover as her body is already beginning to counterswing). With just a slight spot, it should be simple to help them figure out how to turnover with straight arms, bar at the thighs- like a straight arm pullover/2nd 1/2 of a back hip circle-feeling.
I found an old Tony Retrosi video that illustrates what I had tried to describe in bold, although it looks like your girls are making progress and don't really need this:

Scott W.

Feb 25, 2014
I have found too many swings before kipping or too high tap swings before kipping can be an issue . Try with just one tap swing.

This right here. With our girls, they jump to the high bar and have way too large of a swing (usually as a result from arching when they jump), and thus can't control it for their kip. I'd have them start with small swings, that'll make the kip easier. Once they're comfortable and consistent with that, then they should be able to kip from pretty much any size swing.
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