Long Hang Pullover

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I was just wondering if anyone has any drills for this skill. My new level sixes are learning these and I would love to get some new drills.


for conditioning my coach had us hand frm the bar and with out swinging hav them pull over with a streght body


Just a few drills:

1. Lots and lots of tap swings.
2. Practice the cast swing down portion of the skill.
3. Wrist shifters---have the students work on shifting their wrists at a few different stations, such as on a floor bar. Also, have the students lay over the bar (as if they were to get stuck doing a pull over), and practice shifting their wrists and bringing their chests up fast.
4. Giants on strap bar (helps them learn how to swing)
5. Long hang pull overs from tap swings
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
1. the kids have to be strong enough do at least 2-3 chin lever pills w/ perfect body position
2. teach it from beat swings- they do small tap swings and lift up like a candle, bringing hips to bar (I spot at the beginning to get good shapes)- when they do that well, I start spotting them over the bar, pulling them to a back hip position around the bar (some people call it a whirly bird, its a straight body back hip around the bar w/ no cast)
3. when they master this, in intro it in straps, have them tap big & do a 3/4 giant over the bar. Then I put a piece of a foam noodle over the bar & they do the baby giants to the support position

It really works, and my last year 6's had a much easier time getting their giants in L7 b/c they had really good baby giants!
One drill we did was to kip, three casts, and on the third cast you go into the baby giant. This was helpful to work on keeping your shoulders over the bar out of you cast THEN push away into the baby giant. It also helped you get a higher cast into the baby giant. This would probably be more helpful after they have already learned it to help more with form. However, this drill really didn't help me because I already had a high cast and my casts would actually get smaller when I did this drill. So I guess I'm saying that I think this drill would be helpful for working on form after you have first learned it, but it would not be as helpful to learn the baby giant or after you have them down really well with good form. Sorry if that is confusing.


I've got a group of advanced rec/prep op girls who are working these and before they even try it on the high bar they have to show me 2 things:

-Jump to swinging pullover (low bar to high bar) with good form and wrist shift and without scaring me, both from an immediate jump and with an extra tap swing


-Cast at least to horizontal, push back, hand shift, hollow drop to a resi on the low bar. Consistently. Again, not scaring me is a prerequisite.

(these girls aren't aiming for the level 6 baby giant at this point, but nonetheless, peeling off really isn't the goal for rec OR prep-op OR L6, so the cast and hollow drop is kind of important to me).


One of the parts of this skill that you are going to be spending the most time on is the bail/push-away from the cast and not arching too soon and tapping.

Work it in strap or just spot the wrist/arm and focus on the push away and land. This can be done from a lower bar at first and progressively higher.


May 4, 2009
Definately all the things everyone else has said.
Cast HS swing down kip seems to help - because of the kip shape they are less likely to arch on the downswing.
Cast HS very high tap swings.
Cast HS 4 taps swings pullover
Then just reduce the tap swings until they are doing Cast HS baby giant.
Hope that helps.
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