WAG Long, thick hair bun recommendations?

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My daughter had long thick hair. We did the braided bun thing with the pins, gel and hairspray for 2-3 years. It totally works and looks beautiful.

One year though she asked her coach how long for a simple ponytail. I brought her in to the hair salon; we cut her hair exactly that length. She loved it! Now we schedule a haircut before every competition season.
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Try this...

hair 70s GIF

Sorry... I had to.
Gym hair is a skill I never thought I'd have to cultivate, but my kiddo had that kind of hair too so I had to learn. Braided bun was the go-to for us, after trying and failing with other methods. High tight gelled pony, separate pony and braid sections, wrap and pin as you go. You can make it a bit flatter and closer to the head that way. Agree with others that you need proper hair pins to make it work. Also get your hands on a fine toothed comb to smooth out the hair near the head -- comb and spray, and push the bumps under where the scrunchie will be. Good luck!
I use a snap bun maker for my thick long-ish hair. Its like a snap band that has two sides which you put your hair between and roll it up, then snap into place and it creates a perfect bun. I am pretty sure I got mine off amazon
Another vote for the snap bun maker! My daughter has very curly hair, fairly thick, longer than waist-length, and the snap buns have been the best for her. She did not like having as many bobby pins in her head as it would take to secure all of her hair with the braid style bun. The snap bun stays in without any pins at all. We start with a pony tail, then just roll it tight and use two scrunchies around the base. Sometimes, it takes several tries to roll it so that it sits perfectly tight against her head when it snaps closed. Once we get it there, it does not budge. I have found it helps to mist her hair with water so it is a little damp to start. It rolls cleaner, and the bun is more compact. Good luck! You may have to experiment but you’ll find something that works.
We use the Scunci No-Slip Grip Gel Evolution Hair Ties that are made of silicone. It takes some practice to get them in and out cleanly. You have to make sure every hair goes through so it doesn't get snarled up which can lead to damage, but they are fantastic for staying where you put them and not letting a ponytail/bun droop. My daughter's hair is very long and her competition hairstyle puts a lot of weight on one initially placed ponytail, but it doesn't budge. Over the years I've even learned to not pull so tightly so it doesn't hurt her head hours later, and it still stays put. I do competition hair for her, but she also uses these elastics herself for her regular ponytail.
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Long hair bun update!
This is a little late coming, but wanted you all to know that I greatly appreciated your input and advice for my daughter’s hair. So far she’s had two competitions and we had no hair emergencies…it hasn’t even come close to coming loose. I went with dry hair, high pony with two thick hair elastics, extra long hair pins and bobby pins and then finished with a hairnet. I think next I might try the cinnamon bun, next; I’ve watched some YouTube video and I think I can do it.
I’ve posted some pictures of the final product, and a picture from behind with her hair down. Because of you all, I was able to get all that hair in a neat little package. Thanks again and hope 2022 is a great year for all.


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