Parents Looking for a gym for DD while on vacation in NJ

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Apr 2, 2016
Hey all! We we will be in the area of Edison NJ for a week, and my DD was hoping we could find her a gym where she could work out once or twice. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I contacted one gym last week but haven't heard back. Thanks in advance!
Haha! No offense taken! Its a partial vacation... and she just had 2 weeks off and will have another 2 weeks off at the end of August. She was hoping just for some workouts. If it wasn't for all the time off and inconsistency with practices, I would tell her the same!
Every kid is different though. Puma Jr always wants to get a workout or two in when we travel. When we've done Disney, she has not been able to since it's too busy, but when we go to Myrtle Beach and are just hanging out it works out fine. I agree that kids need breaks, but if they want to and it works out for the family why not? :) Not sure where you're coming from, @GymMom16 but I know of a great gym about a hour from there.
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Henderson's, Head over Heels, Middlesex are ones i can think of.

My DD (level 10) doesn't/won't do gymnastics unless with her own coaches or at a camp but on vacation she does keep up with strength and conditioning, either at hotel fitness room or a local fitness gym.
I grew up in East Brunswick, a few minutes from Edison and went to Middlesex Gymnastics Academy. They had a great team way back when! They are def still around and prob around 20 minutes from Edison.
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MG Elite, home of Laurie Hernandez, is about 15 miles away in Morganville.

It's a very small team with two coaches, so I'm not sure they would let anyone join unless maybe they knew the coaches. Monmouth (the gym) would probably let you sign up for the other teams they have (JOGA, which is like Xcel - not sure if they have USAG Xcel in addition).
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