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Apr 7, 2013
Trying to find a mushroom for my level 4 son. He has been saving and is ready to buy one. Please let me know if anyone is interested in selling. We live in Costa Mesa, CA but would pay for shipping.
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Oh, ok. Thanks for your help and advise. I'm new here so I haven't really figured out how to navigate the site efficiently. How do you bump up old posts?
Just post on them again and that bumps it up. However this is not craigslist and we do not want to become craigslist so we would prefer that people do not post this stuff too often. Also do not put your contact details in the posts, you are asking for the worst kind of span.
We got one off Facebook- we have a local "mommy market board" - sort of a buy/sell/trade that is women only. One lady knew my son was starting out in gymnastics and she contacted me and sold it to me. You might see if there are any local groups like that in your area.
Agree, kind of pricey for a used one. There are others on Google - just thought the OP was in California. I would also talk to the parents of older boys in the gym. We sold ours to a level 4 boy because his mom asked and my son now uses a floor mushroom.
Thanks ya'll! I contacted that one in LA and he sold it a long time ago. He can't figure out how to get it off line. I will keel asking around.
we got the fabric at Joann' is in the upholstery fabric area. I believe it's used for boats, although the name is escaping me right now. It's kind of like vinyl.
Where did you get the wood round or what did you use? I found one at Home Depot but it was 17.75" diameter. Isn't a mushroom bigger than that?
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