For Coaches Looking for coaches in Alberta (CAN), or members of the USECA video club (USA)

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Nov 12, 2007

I am looking for anyone in Alberta (a coach, gym owner, manager etc) who would be able to help me with the following:
The coaches in Alberta have access to the Alberta Gymnastics Federation Resource Library which offers some awesome!! coaching videos. As a coach or whatever you can hire these videos for a small cost of some kind+postage. I contacted them a while back about purchasing a copy of some of their videos and they said they didn't have the resources to make copies (so that was not an option). What i am looking for is anyone who would be willing to hire a couple of titles for me, make me a copy and send them to me. I will pay for it of course (we can sort details out PM styles).

Is there anyone out there??? PM me, or email me


Is there anyone who is a member of the USECA video club? If you are a member and have any of the 2005 up to 2008 videos i would love to purchase a copy from you, or trade for other videos i have. I would love to get a USECA membership but at a cost of about $500 NZD i just don't think my crappy coaching salary can handle such an expense, not to mention what it would do to my credit card haha. If you have access to these videos let me know and we can trade or whatever?

Everything here is for personal use and thus is not breaching any copyright laws or anything like that (i don't think, especially since these videos are not professionally produced, but rather just recordings from public lectures).
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