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I have contacted both Tumblebus and Fun Bus, was shocked at the start up amount. My husband is very handy and has been doing auto body for many years. I thought that we try and make one ourselves. looking for any information anyone can give me on getting this up and running. I have found a bus company that sells used buses within two hours of my home. Looking to find more info on going about converting the bus into a gym, such as a/c and heat information/generator/insurance/where to buy the equipment,lesson plans, marketing, etc.

Thanks in advance for your information


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Jun 3, 2009
I drive a tumble bus during the school year. The inside of the bus we have was designed and outfitted by our staff some time ago. The bus has auxiliary generators to power the a/c outlet and the air conditioning units. As for equipment on the bus, it is the scaled down preschool equipment that is available from most suppliers (a bar, cheese wedge mats, barrels, etc). We also have a jogging trampoline and a slide. Unfortunately, the bus I drive isn't decorated very festive/kid like, but the kids absolutely love it.

As for lessons we typically do 30minute classes, and typically limit the number of kids on the bus to 8. Our station/bus setup depends on the school and age of the kids, but typically we can cover most of the basic skills.

One additional thing we do, is have an inflatable that we take out with us. If weather permits will set the inflatable up outside, and split our kids into two groups: one group on the bus, the second in the inflatable. When we do this we typically do about 15minutes each, and then rotate.

I know that the start up and can be kind of daunting, but one of the guys I use to coach with bought a bus. A year later, he bought a second bus and quit coaching competitive gymnastics. His fleet of buses is now up to 4, and he runs them during school hours and is home for his kids in the evening.


Bus Start Up

I have info that could be useful if you are still intrested. 334-868-9144 My name is Jeff
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