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I know we *must* have some opinionated parent here on the board, so it's time to speak your piece!

Bean's coach has narrowed down her floor music to 2 choices. Both tangos, and quite similar. She's given Bean the option to choose, which is proving to be difficult! She's having a hard time choosing between the 2, but is finally leaning towards one of them.

I've uploaded both to my youtube, and am hoping for feedback!! Bean's choreography will be early next week, so we have to reach a decision by Monday.

Both play through twice, so feel free to close it and move on after the first run through:)

Thanks for any advice!!!
Feb 16, 2009
ON, Canada
I have heard different versions of number 1 before, so it is out there. I have never really heard anything like number 2 before, so it would be something different.

Even though it has been done before I am more drawn to number 1 because I think it gives more opprotunity for a sassy tango attitude to shine through. I also like the castonettes (spelling?) near the end. But whatever Bean decides I know she will have an awesome routine!
Feb 26, 2007
I am a number one girl too. I think it will suit her bubbly personality. A bit cheekier than the more grown up number two. Though I think both are great.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Wow, tough choice. I've heard both pieces of music quite a bit. I think the 1st is Fernando's Hideway(?)----can't come up with the name of the 2nd. Both have great sections to edit that can be sassy or bubbly OR both.

Just based on the pics of Bean and her young age I would go with #2. It comes across a little more suited to a small younger girl, but I don't think you would go wrong with either.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Abby and I listened to both and agree that we like #2. I thought she would go for #1, but she didn't. I really like #1, but sounds very familiar. I like that #2 is different and can see some cool choreo for that one.

Good luck deciding. Abby LOVED her video. She loved that thing she was doing on beam at :32 on choice #2 (she is attempting it to no avail on the floor right now) and she thought her legs were missing in that straddle jump, LOL.
Thank you everyone for the feedback!! I have more #2 votes here, but when I factor in the youtube votes, the 1's are on top, lol.

Bean is leaning towards #1, without having read the comments, and I'm keeping my mouth shut because I want her to choose what *she* likes, not what she thinks I want.

I still wish the coach had chosen something a bit younger, I really liked her other music, especially her old "mickey mouse" Whatever she decides, I'm sure will grow on me.

Thanks again for the opinions!

Oops, I lied..2's are winning in both places:)
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I like both too but I if I were choosing I would go with # 1 I like the more dramatic musics.

How long is she going to have this music? That is a factor too in choosing if its for a few years you don't want a little kid music with the pre teens/teens.

I think if she choose the music she will love it more and will step up to what ever the feel of the music is.
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I prefer number 2! I can picture Bean bouncing through the routine! I also loved her Mickey Mouse routine and remember it well! She cetainly has the WOW factor and I'm sure will be able sell either selection to the judges! Good luck and have fun!
Did Bean make a final decision and get her routine?!

I completely forgot to post an update! Bean has chosen...drum roll please...#1.

Her coach cut the music to remove the long violin intro, so the music starts at about 22 seconds.

I've seen the full choreography, minus tumbling, in my living room, and I have to say WOW! Once again, coach is right, and mom was worried about nothing:)

The routine is delightfully saucy, (my girl has the market cornered on sauciness!) and because it was made for Bean, it is perfect for her!

I'll try to get a video at some point, but can't promise anything, lol.

Thanks for all the input, but at the end of the day, she chose the music that makes her want to dance!
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