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Feb 1, 2020
Hey everybody, i already posted something similar, im doing acrobatics, once a week doing trampoline, and when the corona virus will come to an end i will get back to 2 rings sessions a week. Im 22 and im training 5 years in the gym, but still not that tight and heavy(1.70 m height and 70 kg weight- aiming for 65 to become lighter).
So basicaly, my goal is to become a competitive gymnast, and i have a pretty long way to go, my aim is to open a gym with gymnastics hall in the following 2 years, and thats how i will have a good place to train as much as possible(even up to 40+ hours a week, of course i wont do that without a coach but i will have the possibilty).
I go to a physical therapist that helps me build a training program for the gym, to assist with gymnastics skills, and i train over 8 hours a week in the gym, for specific skills in gymnastics(planche, muscle ups, handstand etc.)
What else can i do to improve better and faster? I can almost do a double back somersault and double front on a trampoline to a pit, front and back somersault i can do easily on trampoline, but how much is it easier then on floor? And lastly, is it possible to actually become a competitive gymnast on a national level when starting at age 21 assuming my body isnt going to break down at my 30s'?
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