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I was hoping for some help coming up with some ideas for my last rec. class for the year. For the last class for the year I want to make it really fun and full of games.

Has anyone got any good ideas? I want to have a different game for each apparatus. The games need to easy to run and pitched at a rec. class standard. A Christmas/holiday theme would obviously be good but I need a few more ideas to complete the lesson plan.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

Oct 27, 2008
Colby, Kansas
Okay I'll give you what i got for gymnastics and just for fun!

-Have them hold a small stuffed santa between their feet swing and throw him into a Chiminey (a box painted to look like a chiminey)
-Hang a White balloon off the high bar with another white balloon taped on the bottom and draw on it to look like a snow man have them swing and kick the snowman till they can knock the bottom balloon off.

-Crinkle up white paper tape it on the beam so they can step over snow balls.
-Place 3 christmas Items on the beam and have them walk and pick them each up and throw them into baskets.
-Put a basket of candy canes at one end of the beam and have them go one at a time and walk to the end pick acandy can hurry back and hand off there candy can to the next person and see how many candy canes they can collect with out falling as a group. Then have another team go and see who wins.

For fun-
Rouldoff Race- have them get in to even lines and put a lil vasaline on each kids nose and put a red dot (piece of construction paper) on the first kids nose have them run down touch something and come back and they have to change the red nose to the next person without using their hands. This game is hilarious.

Snowball fight- our kids love this. We have a bunch of those lil bouner balls so we devide them into 2 baskets the put the baskets at opposite ends of the gym. With a panel mat standing in front of them like a snow fort. Then put an empty basket infront of the snow fort and the opposite team has to try to throw their snow balls into the other teams empty basket if the kids get hit by a snow ball they have to sit out for 10 sec. or so then they get back in. Which ever team makes the most snowballs in the other teams basket wins. You also have to make a center line that they cannot cross. If they do they have to sit out also.

I hope these make since. I have a few more but I thought this was long enough.


Jul 5, 2007
Depending on the demographic of your gym, you're probably better off with a general winter theme. Yep I had to go there. ;)

on beam (on a low or med beam for rec.): stand across from a partner, toss foam back and forth, who can go the longest without dropping it

line up on the beam, call out a color, they jump down, find the color, get back on the beam. Can do elimination or just have a winner for each one. This one only works if there aren't a lot of people around.

under/over - climb over the first beam, under the middle one, over the next one, etc for three or four beams, come around and do it again (until they're tired)...that's not really a game.

opposite game: you say something, they do the opposite. jump forward/backward, lay on your stomach/back. I usually keep it simple and just have two or three "opposites."


You guys a good. Thanks for the ideas. It should be a fun day and in the process of getting those ideas I've managed to get the beginning of some other ideas as well.

Lots of Christmas cheer to you all.

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