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Gymnastics Director

Gymnastics Director at Camp Starlight

Camp Starlight- Starlight, PA

We are currently looking for an experienced qualified individual to run our gymnastics program this summer! Camp Starlight is an 7-week residential camp located in Northeast Pennsylvania (about 2½ hours from New York City).

The Gymnastics Director position would include:

· The instruction and coaching of children from the ages 7-15 years with all different skill levels.

· Develop and implement lesson plans.

· Manage 2 other staff members.


· Our ideal candidate has a passion for gymnastics and a strong interest in working with children of all levels.

· Experience in teaching individuals, groups, and managing coaches is required.

· You should be able to teach up to Level 9.

· 5+ years of coaching.

We offer a great salary with room and board included. Dates of employment are June 18th-August 16, 2015.

For a full overview of Camp Starlight, please visit our website at www.campstarlight.com
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