For Parents Lost back handspring?

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Proud Parent
Feb 16, 2019
Hi. My dd is in a competitive gymnastics squad. She is 6. She just got her back handspring a few weeks ago. First few weeks it's been great but it actually now seems to be getting worse each time. We have a trampoline at home so I am worried shes picking up bad habits from that I told her to wait until she has it perfect again and then she can do it on trampoline.
She has bent legs while doing it. Shes strong and flexible so I'm not sure why this is happening.
I spoke to her coach the other day to ask how she was doing. She told me she is very strong and flexible and doing well. But she daydreams and watches the older girls. She needs to listen more. Wondering if shes slacking off due to lack of attention or if this is a thing?
She seems to be trying but I dont know. She is only 6.
But over here you have to keep up and do well to keep your place on the squad otherwise its bye bye. She absolutely loves it and would be so upset if she got cut.
Any advice helpful.


Proud Parent
Feb 13, 2015
She should not be practicing gym at all outside of gymnastics.

And let the coaches coach. And if you are watching practice, stop.

Tell her, work hard, pay attention to your coach and have fun. Love you, see you later.

She is 6 that’s why listening and focus is not yet there.she is 6.

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Honestly, at 6 years old the only thing I'd worry about is whether she's having fun. Even if she's competitive, I wouldn't recommend either you or she taking it all that seriously at this point. She's got all the time in the world to fix up her technique, get any skills she needs, etc. What's important at 6 is to kindle and maintain a passion for the sport!


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Aug 22, 2008
Stop access to the trampoline all together. It will be too enticing for her to just try a skill here or there and you will end up fighting with her about it. too much unneeded stress for you :). And I agree with the other two. She is 6. She is not supposed to have great attention at this point. Yes, there are some who do but most don't and you can't force/teach this. Kids mature at different rates and it will come when it comes. As for the bhs, this is very common with gym skills. Kids will get them and lose them over and over again. Sometimes they look great and then they look sloppy while they start concentrating on other skills or when the coach is trying to fix one part of the skill, the rest of it goes nuts. My dd is in college gym and still has this happen when she is learning a new skill or trying to change a form/shape to reduce deductions. It will come together for her. But Geoffrey is right. At this stage it should be fun and not stressful for her. It is great that she is 6 and has already learned a BHS. Most don't get it for another year or two.
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