Lots of kip, squat on, and cartwheel on beam trouble

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I'm having lots of trouble!

first with a kip: I have a great glide but as soon as I try to get my ankles to the bar it gets all messy and screwed up. Is there any drill that I can do at home to improve the kip? Also do you push or pull on the bar?

My second problem is with a squat on: what I do is lean foward, and do one cast and then on the secong cast I go. My problem is that my toes end up just touchin the bar but I never get my whole foot on the bar. When my toes touch I just end up falling backward. Any advice?

My third problem: I can do a cartwheel on high beam but I don't have a consistent cartwheel. I practice at home on a low beam I own, but for some reason when I do it on the high beam my feet go past the beam . Advice is greatly appreciated!
Hi lilgymnast7,
For your kip, you say you have a good glide. Great! How far does your glide go towards horizontal? The stronger the glide, the more you need to adjust to the kip action. If your glide goes to 45 degrees, which is half of horizontal, you need to bring your shins to the bar, NOT your ankles. If your glide actually goes to horizontal, bring your knees to the bar. You do NOT push the bar on a kip. You need to pull the bar towards your hips with straight, tight arms.
For your squat on, you need more confidence being on a bar with your shoulders over the bar. A good practice drill for this is to start on the floor in a pushup position, jump from both feet and bring your feet between your hands. Do this many times to learn the balance position without being afraid of falling forward. Do it every day.
For your cartwheel on high beam...are you keeping your belly button over the beam on the cartwheel? Are you kicking your lead leg directly over the beam WITHOUT arching your back? Imagine you are doing a cartwheel inside a 4" space and you should notice what's going outside that space. Doing cartwheels on high beam can be scary, but you need to treat them like a cartwheel on a line on the floor. If you learn how to train your mind to instruct your body, you will learn that gymnastics is mind over body. I hope these suggestions are helpful. Don't get discouraged! Keep on working hard.
For your cartwheel o n beam, try to look for your first foot as it's coming down. I'm not sure if that's really a good explanation. When your hands are on the beam, look under your armpit for the beam and your first foot. This way you can see where you are putting it.
Thanks! The advice and drills are greatly appreciated! I am most worried about the kip because if I don't get it before July I won't be asked to start team! Considering I have only been working on these for two classes I think I have a ways to go. Thanks for all the help!!
Too often, when you tell kids to pull, they pull their head out and close their shoulder. Push down on the bar to pop you up.

Glide, extend, snap back your feet to ankles, let your butt swing back while maintaining the V position and push down to pop up like a front hip circle.
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