WAG Loud cheering at meets (screaming, really) - thoughts?

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I'm a screamer at my nieces soccer games, but my other niece is a dancer and my DD is a gymnast so I have learned where to cheer and where not to cheer. For my dancer though, when she comes out on stage and after the dance is done I will yell her name and a nice Woohoo. My gym we were told that loud cheering is not appropriate and to cheer for everyone there, not just our girls but everyone. Sometimes when I see another little girl from another team fall or something and start crying, i yell out a little "its ok" or something like that. I do a quick little yell for DD before she does her first salute to give her a bit more encouragement, but nothing over the top. I honestly cannot say I have been to a meet yet where the parents are obnoxious. This past weekend we had our home meet, and while DD was warming up, some parent had taken a picture with their flash on, and yea, since its my home gym and I work during the times where DD is not competing, I said something. Nothing mean but I said something. I cannot stand seeing a flash go off while any of the gymnasts are competing. (off subject as well, for those of you that have been following my DD's scores and the problems we were having last season, her first event of the first meet of the season was vault and she got a 9.o!!)
We have a couple of teams that come from bigger gyms who can be pretty obnoxious at states. Thankfully, we've been on different rotations, so they've been in different parts of the gym. The standing in front of everything would be annoying.

That said, we do cheer for all of our girls enthusiastically. And I may or may not have let out a whoop when DD scored 9.725 on floor at states.
We go to one out of state meet in MD each year and there is a family whose "cheering" is about 10x louder than any other spectator in there. There are 2-3 women in this group and boy are they LOUD. I do find it a bit obnoxious as you would be looking for them to match the energy level (or at least in the range) of the rest of the crowd. I hate to say but the kid isn't really very good either so it just adds to the absurdity of the situation.

Fortunately there is plenty of seating so we just move FAR away from that group. I really feel embarrassed for the kid more than anything! Fortunately that's the worst we've seen... Thank goodness.
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