Low back layout?

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Jun 16, 2012
I live in the gym...
Hi, another question from me. Haha.
Anyways, it's about my back layout on floor. I know that I don't have a video of it so it might be a little complicated to help, but I have a fast round off BHS and when I do my back tucks I have a high set but when it comes to doing a layout I just can't seem to set as high as I would in a tuck. My layout's are tight and I have good form in them but I always end up landing short because of how low they are. Can someone give me a few tips?


Proud Parent
Mar 25, 2012
region II
Sounds to me you are afraid to set for the lay out. Some gymnasts think a lay out is such a difficult skill they just chuck it over. Talk to your coach and see what the two of you can figure out to get back to the right technique. Do not do it alone, gymnastics moves are hard to understand and if done wrong are really hard to do....and a little dangerous.................


Oct 24, 2010
I wasn't low when I was learning my layouts but I piked at the end because I panicked in the air and thought I wasn't going to rotate all the way around. Of course I was going to be fine, but the skill felt new and I wasn't used to rotating differently (stretched out versus tucked). What really helped me set high (and not wuss out on the skill) was to think about snapping my feet down as hard as I could after the back handspring and throwing my arms and hips up into the air for the set. Hopefully this helps! Try doing some layouts into the pit so you're not as worried about the landing.
Not open for further replies.