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About a week ago, my DD did many (12? 16? She did them in sets of 4) back walkovers on beam, which she never does because she has a block on that skill and her coach told her it’s fine, she won’t be competing it at any point anyway. She was trying to conquer this fear, our coach spotted her on every 3 out of 4, and eventually she just moved her onto back handsprings because she looked like she was in pain. She did like 8 back handsprings on high beam in rapid succession with no spot, got off beam and came out just bawling crying about her back.

This week she did modified practice with no walkovers anywhere, no bridges, tumbled on tumble track and was like no, this still hurts.

Earliest I could get an ortho appointment that deals with spines is on the 26th - in the meantime I took her to urgent care to get an X-ray (mostly so we can speed up the process of requesting an MRI through insurance, I know the X-ray isn’t much use here).

The pain is in her lower back only, and specifically in the middle on her spine. I am just absolutely freaking out, she’s hyper mobile and injury prone. The pain is only when bending, and is isolated to that one spot.

Not looking for medical advice, just… does anyone have any even mildly positive stories with similar pain?

The pain came on very suddenly specifically from that beam rotation and just hasn’t left
Obligatory pre-emptive reminder to all: Do not request or give medical advice on the CB. The only person who should diagnose or recommend treatment for an injury is a qualified doctor who has conducted a formal examination of the athlete.

(Commiseration and empathy are fine)
No stories to share, but I really hope it turns out not to be anything serious and she is out of pain very soon!

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