Lowest Score ever?!

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Dec 8, 2007
Hey! I'm not really sure why I'm asking this but I want to see what your lowest scores are! Mine was a 4.7 on beam in level 4 because my coach spotted me on like almost everything and then I still fell off on it haha!

What is your lowest score?
On what event?
and what level?


wow. mine's a 4.7 too! on bars. level four. I couldn't do anything! Sad thing is, I took third place. My close friend got a 1.9 on bars at level six. She was upset then, but now it's her favorite joke.


a 6.8 on bars in level 5! the judges were so mean!... I was mad. :mad: lol:)
Dec 8, 2007
wow. mine's a 4.7 too! on bars. level four. I couldn't do anything! Sad thing is, I took third place. My close friend got a 1.9 on bars at level six. She was upset then, but now it's her favorite joke.

1.9 haha thats really funny! I would be mad when I got it but I'd be like a level 8 looking back on it and thinking its funny! I don't think my coach would ever let me forget that!


lowest score is a 6.7 on beam because in level 6 at states i was sick, i got up on the beam and forgot my routine! i left like half of my skills out and i got off the beam and my coach was like what the hell was that lol
i think i was like 7 or 8
one time my friend was doing a bar routine in a meet and she peeled off on her shaposh and smashed her nose into the bar (it was her first skill) and got like a 1.4 or something haha
Feb 8, 2008
5.3 Level 6 floor

My first level six meet, but I got third. It was third out of a total of four, but that's not the point. I had a 5.3 because my coach told me to do a high BHS instead of a tuck because I hadn't been doing them very long and she thought I would get more of a deduction for spot than incorrect body position and lack of amplitude or something like that.


Yeah we got a new coach, and she'd been really impressed with the 1.9 girl's (Michelle) skills. Then we got to bars and Michelle said, 'I suck at bars.' And our coach was like, 'You can't be that bad'. And Michelle told her, "I got a 1.9 last year!", to which our coach responded,'Is that even possible?' It was so funny.

Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Wow, girls are spoiled.

Here in NC, we have one boys' judge by the name of Robert Burdreaux, who is known for his ability to see a bent knee through a pommel horse. He's the Chuck Norris of judging; there is no chin under Robert Burdreaux's beard, there is only another eye.

Anyway I've seen state meets where kids would take first on pommel horse or p-bars (the events Rob usually judges) with less than a 4.0.

The boys' JO rules do not allow the judges to give any score lower than a 1.0. I've gotten a 1.0 on several occasions from Rob.
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Sep 22, 2007
Wisconsin, US
How on earth do you get a 1.9 (or 1.4)?

Lowest score I got was a 5.0 on bars in lvl 5-I missed both kips and fell on the squat on.

Lowest score I have ever seen someone get was a 3.0


^^ The toughest judge was on bars, first of all. The girls struggles with kips( but is fantastic on all other events). She missed each of the three kips, and casted below horizontal, and fell on her squaton.
Sep 9, 2007
4.8 on vault :eek:. Balked the first attempt, and on the second had no heel drive off the springboard and underrotated horribly.... bad day lol.

I did get a 4.5 for a vault but that totally wasn't my fault- fire alarm went off when I was about a metre from the springboard :eek::eek:. Luckily they let me have a second attempt!


No scores for me, but...

I'm the Mom of a level 6. All I can say is that after looking at the rule book and the lists of deductions, I don't know how anybody actually ends up with ant points at all on bars! And for all of you with low scores, just remember - no matter how horribe or how great your score is on a given day - there is ALWAYS someone worse and always someone better! Its all about if you can look your coach in the eye on Monday 'cause you did your best. DD's lowest btw was 6.1 on bars.
May 3, 2007
1's and 4's? Seriously if kids are getting scores like that, they obviously have no business doing that level. What is the point of that? Other than embarrassing the kids I have no idea why the coaches would put the kids through that. I can't imagine it's all that fun to go to a meet and get a 1 or a 4. If my kid was getting a 1 or a 4, I'd change gyms, the coaches clearly don't have a clue.
Dec 8, 2007
well when you are in level 4 and little you don't really know what good scores are and bad scores are. I don't remember being upset when I got a 4.7 on beam. I was like 8 years old and It was my first year competing so I had no idea. If the coaches don't make a big deal of it the kids won't either. No one in optional levels scores like that. The coaches would flip out at us. But when you are little and just glad you are competing... who cares what you score as long as you did your best? even now when im a level 8. I don't care what I score as long as I know that I pushed myself the hardest I could and did what I no how to do
May 3, 2007
I'm not talking about the kids, I'm tallking about the coaches. It's wrong to send kids out there to get those kinds of scores and I see too much of that kind of stuff at meets. A '1' at level 6 bars? Come on, that's just plain ridiculous, she obviously had no business doing level 6 if she's getting a 1 on bars. I'd take a stab that she probably had no business doing level 5 bars, much less level 6.

And I'm sure it wan't any fun sitting there during awards watching all the kids get medals and knowing darn well you're not even in the hunt.
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