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Aug 7, 2018
Hey all! In honour of the new meet season, I was thinking we could all post the lowest score you/your DD has had, or the lowest you've seen!

Mine was a 6.7 on bars, when I did seven sole circles, fell off, did a backhip circle instead of a freehip, and had like an 8.5 start value. The lowest I've ever seen was a 1.0 on floor, when a girl injured herself on her first tumbling line and had to stop.
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My daughter once got a 7.1 on L6 bars, with a 9.0 SV and no dismount. A teammate of her recently got a 4.7 on L9 bars with three falls and an incomplete routine. They’ve both also had instances of winning bars with scores in the 9s.. every gymnast has their good and their bad days.
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I once saw a girl get a 3.0 on Old L6 bars and a 3.0 on Old L5 bars and a 3.6 on Old L4 bars.
On floor, I have seen dance throughs score 4.0 at Old L5 and Old L6.
L7, i have seen 5.2 on bars and 5.45 on beam.
My Dds 1st meet ever. She was 5 L1 and had just about 1 1/2 weeks to learn the routines as she was a last minute team addition at the end of the season. The coach didn't care about scores and wanted her to have the experience of a meet under her belt going into summer training she got a 6.0 on bars as a 6.75 on beam.
My DD's was a 7.55 after two falls off beam in new level 3. Mine was 4.9 on old level 4 bars when I fell on basically everything including my dismount and was literally crying by the end of the routine. Lol. My DD loves hearing about my own horror stories when she has a rough gym day.
4.1 on vault: I balked on my first vault because of not training much on vault, then fell on my second (that was an 8.2 out of an 1.0 D score), the rule last season was 2 vaults then average them.

3.233 on bars with a 1.5 D-score: tons of missing elements and elements that weren't counted

Those were in the same meet
Uneven bars, a girl ended up in minus score, but in the end I awarded her 0,3 points out of potential 20... This was compulsory and happend more than once over the years.
From time to time it happens also for FIG, when the gymnast doesn't have the minimum elements being required to avoid the short routine deduction, doesn't hit handstands, no transition and a fall... (being said so, a lot of people compete FIG here even though they don't fulfill the requirements).
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My daughter's lowest score was in her level 4 year at vault. She was (still is) itty bitty and just hadn't figured out how to run fast or block yet. So she hit her little back on the vault a couple times that year. One meet she got a 7.1. She got a few 7s that year. By level 4 state she had pulled it up a point scoring 8.5.

Level 6 states she was vault champion.
Me! 2.65 on bars! This was middle school but based on high school scoring. I got 5th on bars. A few years ago I proudly showed DD all of my gymnastics ribbons and when she came across the ribbon for the 2.65 she asked with all due seriousness and sensitivity if I was embarrassed for myself because of that score. :p
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Does a 0.0 count?! Lol.. on DD’s first ever meet (L3), on the first event, beam, she got disoriented on which way to mount (she was 6 and followed a lefty - she’s a righty) and ran out of beam 1/4 of the way through the routine... jumped off, started crying to her coach, and refusing to get back on.

Another 0.0 on vault at states (L3). For some reason she changed her run and couldn’t get over on her handstand either attempt. (Plus it was 35 degrees at 8am in the venue)
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Optionals a 7.4 something, her bars were weak, not to HS yet.

Compusories a 7.6 something, really bad day on vault with a really tough judge. Lowest scores of the season for pretty much everyone that day
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My girl got a zero on vault at a hopes qualifier meet, she did vault but her hands slipped and since her feet were not the first part of her body to hit the mat she got a zero.
Dd got a 7.625 on beam in level 4. She fell 3 times and was in tears by the end (beam is usually one of her best events). On vault in level 4, she got a 8.175. Vault was not one of her best events, so it wasn't too upsetting for her, but she wasn't happy with it either.
DD got a 7.575 in her first year of Gold, and a 7.975 in her 2nd year of Gold, both on beam. I honestly don't remember what she did or didn't do, but I know she remembers!
DD's first year competing at age 5, she scored a 5.75 on the L2 vault. 1st attempt she ran and I dont' know what happened, but she did some sort of roll instead of a flatback, 2nd attempt the coach put the airboard in instead of a springboard, thinking it would help her get over easier...she'd never used it before, ran, punched and stopped, she didn't know what to think! lol!

L4, first meet, she fell on her squat on 4 times. 5.7. I don't know why they kept letting her attempt it at that point!

I will say it's pretty funny now, watching those videos!
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I was volunteering as a timer on bars at an important level nine meet. The gymnast fell after mounting the high bar and immediately releaseing it to grab the low bar and then perform a kip. After falling from the low bar, she took too long before remounting the bar. She did not appear to be hurt but I think was frustrated that she fell and simply took too long to restart the routine. The judges gave her 1.0 for the routine.
6.25 level 4 floor. She had a BHS block and competed her routine without RO BHS BHS (why not scratch instead - I have no idea, it was her coaches' call).
6.0 on bars at her level 4 or 5 state meet, I can't remember. That was even without a fall. She stayed on but her form was bad and she'd pause after every element: (bent armed) kip, pause, (low) cast, pause, back hip circle, pause, etc. She also took a step off the mat on her dismount. That was the season we'd cheer if she managed to break into the 8.0s on bars!
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7.55 on Level 4 vault. DD had over 5 months off of any impact or running. She had just a couple weeks back at vaulting and was totally holding back. This is still a problem!
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