Lowest scores ever?

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Aug 21, 2011
So i was thinking and came across something i suddendly became really curious in. My question to you is what is the lowest score you have recieved, given or seen on any apparatice? Please do not make up any scores. Please reply for i would like to know.:D
My daughter started out level 5 with a 4.8 on vault (coach had to "help" her to get over). But she ended the season qualifying for states and getting in the high 8's on vault there, so all's well that ends well!
At a meet his year we saw a 1.65 on floor on one of the posted score sheets... no joke. As parents who had seen kids forget routines and fall 3-4 times, we were naturally all curious as to what could have possibly happened to get a score so low. It turns our the poor little thing fell on the front tuck at the beginning of the level 6 routine, got up crying, ran off the floor and didn't finish.
Lots of 0.000's on vault. Here in Australia the handspring to flat back vault for level 4 is over the table. A lot don't get over, or need a coach to spot them over and its an automatic 0.00 score.
little DD had a 5.0 on beam at her 1st level 4 meet, her coach called it a "5000" which she thought was great. ;) hope we do not see any more of those.
I was like MaryA's Daughter. I think on my first meet I got a 4 something on vault because I had a spot. I ended up doing pretty well at vault though and by the end of the season was getting 8s. I don't think it is out of the ordinary at all to see 4s and 5s when it is your first meet ever. I don't recall seeing a score lower than a 4 but I'm sure it happens when people fall and don't get back up, etc.
Just a word to parents about those low scores... I deleted the video of that first horrible vault,but by the end of the season, I wished that I still had it. She had such a long hard slog from that first meet where she got the 4.8 on vault and scratched on bars up to qualifying for sectionals, then states, and ending up placing at states on 2 events (including vault!!!), improving meet by meet. I would have liked to have some of the "bad" stuff too, just to remind her how far she came!
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I've seen lots of 0.0 on vault with alot of balks. My DD's lowest was a 6.25 on beam - she wasn't feeling too well at that meet and was falling all over the place. her highest score 9.5 on floor.

I don't put too much stock in to the scores however because it's all subjective and if you get a judge in a bad mood they can score harder and take the max deductions. I try to use my own judgement on my DD's performance to see if there is improvement or not. I also see as you get further into the season the judging seems to get tougher as the gymnasts get better.
I tripped going into my RO-BHS-BT. Completed the round-off on my elbows, didn't notice, tried to keep going, didn't make the BHS. Thus, I didn't receive credit for a BHS, or a back tuck, obviously, plus the fall(s). 5.5 (L6)
Kids getting 1.0s on pommels was not even all that unusual when I was competing JO. I know I saw plenty of them, and I probably got that score myself on a couple occasions.
Lowest I have seen was a 5.2 on Beam but the typical lowest we see are low 7's in prep-op.

DD's low was first competition, ever on floor. the coaches somehow misinterpreted new rules (prep-op) and all of our girls were deducted 2.0. The coaches fixed that little error right quick! She scored in the 9's the next meet. Her next lowest was a 7.9 on vault (over the table to a flatback on resi). First meet of the season and just hadn't figured out blocking yet. But she ended the season in 2nd place on vt at regionals.
Lowest score ever level 5 first meet of the season Beam:6.675.I fell on my cartwheel,dismount and got up to try my dismount again and missed it lol.I was so disappointed because i struggle with confidence on beam and that really rattled mine!
Alex scored 6.15 on beam a couple of weeks ago. That is her lowest score to date! Lets hope it stays that way!!! LOL!!!
I grew up in NJ and competed JOGA, which scores by high school rules. I believe that my bars score at my very first meet was a 2.3. And it was not uncommon for kids to score lower than a 5 on bars. ;) That may have changed since then, as this was in like... the late 90s/early 2000s.
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