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Feb 6, 2008
Anyone ever done this? The large scale one that is every four years in Israel? I'm looking for info on the level of competition and if there are any videos or results floating around. One of our girls may end up doing it and it would be nice to know what the level of competition is. Thanks.
I'm sorry that I didn't spot this sooner. I can answer some of your questions.

There are four gymnastics teams that are sent by the sponsor, USA Maccabi/Sports for Israel, which also conducts the trials. The trials were just held on December 7, 2008 in Norman, OK at the Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy. The teams are Mens and Womens Open and Mens and Womens Jr. (high school age).

I can only speak about the women. To make Women's Open, you should be either an NCAA gymnast or a National qualifier to realistically have a chance of making the team. To make the Women's Jr. team, either a Westerns/Easterns qualifier or Level 10.

Results from last weekends trials can be found here:

Maccabi USA Sports for Israel - Selection Process

I don't know of any video of the trials themselves other than whatever is posted by the gymnasts themselves or their parents. You could look at the lists above and then go hunting on Youtube/Google.
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[FONT=&quot]Hard to say,

I heard that during the 1997 games, the gym standard was very poor (messy handspring front saults were cited as the average vault pass). But in 2001, and 2005 (where your's truely reared his ugly head) it was very competitive, with a number of teams competing in worlds.

My gut says that if she's at least a comfortable 10, send her off. Chances are she'll either dominate the non-gymnasts, or contend well with the big girls.
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