Parents made the level 4 team

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We are so excited because my 7 year old dd went from level 3 in her old gym to level 4 team in a new very well respected gym. It is s huge change from 2 hours twice a week to three hours three times a week. She did so amazing at the try out. She made me so proud.
Congratulations to your daughter, I'm sure she has been working hard for this. Keep us posted on her progress this year.
Congrats to your dd!! When does she start competing? She must be so thrilled! 9 hours/week is reasonable for her age and level. I'm sure now, you'll get that USAG membership done:)

As some of us are finding out, there is certainly more than 1 gym.
They start competing in Oct/Nov. They will have some in house meets in Oct I think. She needs to learn the routines. She is so excited. I have not seen that in her for a while.
Congrats!! My daughter is 6 and on level 4. She works out 10 hours a week and she doesn't seem to mind one bit. Keep us updated during competition season :)
Congratulations! Level 4 is really fun for both the parents and the kids. I met some really great parents when my daughter made the team a few years ago and we have been having a blast ever since! Good Luck!
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