major back hipc circle trouble !!!!!help me please

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:( please help me i cant get me back hip circle or pullover on bar even a really low bar im soooo frustrated :( HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP okay im about 5ft 5 average weight and 14 years old i cant get my hips to the bar in my pullover i just dont get how ???????and i can keep my hips to the bar in my back hip circle according to my coach i stick my bum out and pike rather than keep straight but couldnt i just pike my legs towards the ceiling and try to get them over my head and just roll ??????im desperate please help !!!! any drills i can do at home etc.......


Just act like ur a banana when u go to do a back hip circle cast and "scoop" in

Have you tried walking up a mat about hip height while holding onto the bar for your pullover? This is a drill my coach taught me & I now teach my students. Hold the low bar while close to it & walk your feet up a mat or blocks...when you get your feet to the top of the block, kick off & over the bar. Also, make sure you keep your upper body close to the bar while doing all of this. I hope this helps. Good luck!
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